Travel to Instanbul by Macy Grootjen from Modelution

unnamedMy booker from my mother agency Modelution called me on 21st of July and told me that New Models Istanbul want me in Turkey  as soon as possible. So on 27th of July, I flew to Istanbul.

The first days I did castings and on Friday morning I did a fitting for Koton. It was really warm, around 36 degrees. The agency told me in the afternoon that I was booked for Koton the next week. But first I had castings on Monday and Tuesday. I went out for dinner with the Dutch girls from my apartment, we went to Big Chefs and it was delicious! I worked on Wednesday and Thursday for Koton (lookbook). It was a great team to work with and it went very fast with the sets of the clothes.


The next few days after my job I did castings again and sometimes I had to fit clothes. On Tuesday, 11th of August I had an editorial for Elle MagazineTurkey with 5 other models from my flat. It was so much fun and we were so happy that we had to work for Elle Magazine. The magazine is coming out in September! It was for sixteen pages and that day we did eight of them and on Friday we did the rest of the work.

On 18th August I had a catalogue job for MadebyZA. This was my last job in Istanbul, the day went really fast and the people were so nice to me. It was great to work with them. On 20th August in the evening I flew back to Amsterdam again. It was short but really nice stay in Istanbul. My new adventure is already coming.I am flying to London at the beginning of September.