Behind the scenes with Lucas Reckman! Spotted for The Sting


We met Lucas Reckman at a fashion show at the beginning of the year and spotted him again during Lichting 2015 in Amsterdam. Today the De Boeker’s hot boy is again in our spotlight, this time for the newest campaign of The Sting! Below you can see the lookbook and read what Lucas shared with us about his behind the scenes shooting process! Our spotted boy just got signed with Bravo Models and  is currently in Tokyo, so you can follow his modelling adventure on his instagram account @lucasreckman.

The day started at 9’o clock. First I had to manage to go from De Boekers’ office to The Sting’s office, which is 15 minutes by a car outside Amsterdam. When I arrived at the location they showed me the studio and I had some time for coffee in between. After 20 minutes they started doing my make up and hair. First I had to fit some clothes before we started shooting. In the morning we had to shoot the Lookbook, which was around 9 outfits and  than we had a nice lunch. After that we were busy with the in-store campaign shoot with some more outfits. I finished with the shootings around 17:30 and the whole team was very happy with the result.