Spotted! Esther Bunk from VDM Model Management

Pictures by David Cohen de Lara
Pictures by David Cohen de Lara

The next model from VDM Model Management that we interviewed is Esther Bunk. She is 15 years old, born and living in Groningen and still in high school. Esther is modelling since 2013 and that was the year when her life started changing. A while ago she was spotted walking a show during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Our new spotted girl plays volleyball on a high level which helps her stay in a good shape. After graduating from high school she plans to take a year off and focus on modelling. Esther also has an ambition to continue her education in a university after she gains more experience in the fashion industry. Sounds like a good plan and until its realization, we will keep you posted about Esther’s modelling career!

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Hi! Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
Hi! I’m Esther, I am fifteen years old and I live in Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands.
How long ago did you start modeling and did it change your life in some way?
I was scouted in December 2013. Yeah, it definitely changed my life. I travel a lot more than I used to do, because most of the work is in Amsterdam. It takes me almost three hours to get there, and to get home again. Due to living a healthy lifestyle, I am more aware of what I eat. My interest for fashion has also grown a lot.
Have you travelled a lot because of modeling? Where and do you have a dream destination?
Actually I have never been abroad for modeling…yet. But, definitely in the future! I do not have a special dream destination but someday I really want to go to a nice, warm place with beautiful nature and white beaches with palm trees.
What is your favorite shoot/campaign or fashion show you have done?
Walking during Amsterdam Fashion Week was such a great experience, but I also liked the Josh V show because I really loved her collection!

What does it take to be successful in the modeling industry?
To be successful you have to listen to tips from other people so you can practice and improve yourself for the next job. You also have to be nice to the designers and other people in the modeling industry.

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Can you tell us what the thing is that you love most about being a model?
The thing I love most about being a model is that you experience things that only a few other people also go through. For instance walking fashion shows in special places and the chaos backstage, or having professional photoshoots with photographers who want to take the best photos of you.

Apart from modeling what are your hobbies and passions?
I love volleyball. Last holiday I had an international tournament in Barcelona and my team and I won! Last year I trained on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, sometimes Friday and Sunday, and then a match on Saturday. Besides volleyball I like to take pictures and hang out with friends.

Is modeling a dream come true for you?
I really like being a model, but it wasn’t my dream because I thought I was not good enough and I never considered approaching an agency myself. But I guess that if I stop being a model now, I would really miss it in the future.

How do you stay in shape and do you have beauty tips for our Spotted Style followers?
For me it’s perhaps more easy to stay in shape because I volleyball a lot. So I don’t have to spend too much time on workouts and going to a gym. My beauty tip is that after I take a shower I make my hair wet once more but this time with cold water. It helps getting a little more shine in your hair.

What is fashion for you? How would you describe your own style and do you have a must-have for this season?
I love fashion! I want to make sure that I never look boring, I like little details on my tops. My must-haves for this season are crop tops. When it’s very hot I like to wear them because they are easy to match with other nice clothes. I also like wide dresses when I am on holiday.

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How do you dress in your daily life when you are not in the modeling spotlight?
I like to wear something totally different from the day before. I like to combine nice clothes with other clothes and create different outfits. When I go to the city to buy new clothes, I like to buy things that match with my old ones.

What brings smile on your face? What or who makes you laugh?
There are a lot of things that bring a smile on my face, like when I am with my friends or when I see the sea after traveling a long way for instance by car or airplane. My friends can make me laugh all the time. I can also laugh a lot with my two little brothers.

Do you have a favorite model or one that you admire?
One of my favorite models is Doutzen Kroes. She also likes to work out a lot and she didn’t change much when she became famous, stayed true to herself.


How do you see yourself in a couple of years? What do you want from the future?
I would love to continue my career in the modeling industry, but I also want to study at an university. In the future I would love to go abroad because I will have more time after I graduate from high school so that I can spend more time working in the modeling industry. After I graduate I want to take a year off and concentrate more on modeling work. After that I’d like to combine modeling with a study at a university.

If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
I am currently in Mexico for holidays. There is a lot of poverty here. Despite that, the people are most of the time very happy even when they have almost nothing, they are very helpful and like to make the best of it. So I would like to tell the whole world that we should never take anything for granted. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or not, but perhaps we should appreciate the little things in life.