Melody’s Trip to the USA – Travel Journal

White Mountains

The roadtrip in the United States with my family was definitely one of the best holidays I have ever had! In this post I will describe our journey, but not with too much details because if I would, this would be a really long post haha!

We traveled to New York on July 13th and we stayed there until the 15th, which was my birthday! How cool, I got to spend my 17th birthday in the city that never sleeps! We saw the typical tourist things like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the National Museum of Natural History and much more, it was amazing.

View from Empire State Building
View from Empire State Building

We had to pick up our camper in Washington, so that’s where our actual road trip started. We stayed there for 2 days and we saw a lot of beautiful buildings in those days! I especially liked the Supreme Court and the White House.

The next city was Gettysburg. This is where part of the American Civil War was fought. We visited the visitor center of the battlefield and we also came across a camp with a lot of horses. My entire family loves horses so we loved to see that! Next stop: Niagara Falls. We first looked at the Falls from the American side at night, and the next day we crossed the border to see them from the Canadian side. This was one of the most beautiful things we saw in my opinion! 

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

After Niagara Falls, we visited Toronto in Canada. We bought tickets for the CN Tower so we could take the elevator up the tower, which is 553 meters high by the way. The view from where we stood was breathtaking! I am really happy we visited this city. Thousand Islands was the next stop. Seeing all 1800 islands is impossible, but we took a boat tour which showed us a little part of the islands which was already a great experience. 

After Thousand Islands we left Canada and went back to America again to continue our journey. The next stop was, again, amazing! We went hiking in the White Mountains and I can tell you, I have never seen a view that beautiful. The pictures we took there don’t show the depth we saw, you really have to be there in real life. I’m glad we went there!

View from CN tower, Canada

Boston was the next on our list, and after that Cape Cod and Philadelphia. In Boston we walked the Freedom Trail, which shows the most important buildings of the city. Unfortunately the weather decided not to be so kind when we went to Cape Cod, so we couldn’t spend a day tanning at the beach. Philadelphia was, you wouldn’t guess it, amazing again. It was a combination between New York and London. 

Last stop was Lancaster. We took a bus tour showing us the Amish people, they live a simple life without phones, TV, electricity and so on. They are just farmers and are not in touch with the world through social media or anything like that. It was interesting to see. The next day we flew back home, still enjoying all the amazing things we saw and really tired from the trip. United States, I can’t wait to come back again!