Dido Jakel from OMG Model Management in Milan


It was the second time that I visited Milan while being signed with Monster Management. I’m absolutely in love with the city, not because of the buildings or the people but I just feel at home when I am there.And for sure it is not a disadvantage that the food is amazing and that the weather is great haha.

The first few days were incredibly warm, 37 degrees can be good but not if you have 4-5 castings a day and you have to run to be able to get there in time. Than it’s awful when its so hot, but at least you already have one topic to talk about when you are waiting for a casting… When I run somewhere, my face immediately becomes really blushy, not the cute rosy-cheeks but like the total-face blush. The first few days I didn’t really care but later I thought I might not get the jobs if it looked like I was exhausted, so I made sure I’d take 10 minutes of rest before going into every casting, which certainly helped haha.


I had some really cool shoots for example for Io Donna and Elle Italia. I think it is amazing to see how these people work with each other. Usually there are like eight people on set. A photographer, stylist, makeup artist, two light/technical men, someone who works for the magazine where it will be published in, the model and another person for the styling. These people all have to work together to make sure everything goes well. So when everyone gets on well, the shoot will automatically have better results.
Besides modelling, I also did some other stuff in the 4 weeks I was there. I visited the Expo which is like a giant exposition about food (at the moment) in every country, so you can try loads of different things. I went to a concert of the Kooks, which is a band I’m really into, so it was amazing I had the chance to go there and meet them! We went there with a couple of other models, one of my bookers Markus and some other people from the fashion industry.


I also went to lake Como! Its a gorgeous lake with small beaches and towns everywhere, its a must-see. I also met a lot of Dutch models and it was so nice to speak Dutch again after hearing only Italian and English all the time.

I really had an amazing time in Milan, also because Monster really takes care of you. The agency is almost like a family so it was hard when I had to leave. Lets just hope I’ll be going back soon!