Teddy Jolie from De Boekers in the spotlight!


A while ago we met Teddy Jolie Klooster from De Boekers, later on we spotted her between the pages of magazine Grazia and today she is in our spotlight. Teddy is 20 years old, born and living in Amsterdam. She is not the first model in the family. With a mom ex model and Teddy’s natural beauty there is no surprise she is represented by De Boekers. We asked her what does it take to be a successful model and she said discipline. Looks like Teddy has it all because from being a hockey player on a high level, she turns into a full time model. Read her interview and follow Spotted Style because we will keep an eye on this beauty!

Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers? Who are you and how would you describe yourself?
My name is Teddy Jolie, I am 20 years old and I am living in Amsterdam.

​What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
My biggest passion is my work. I want to be a really good international working model.

​​When and how you started your modelling career? Were you scouted by somebody?
My mother was a good model when she was younger and she always told me that I had to send my pictures to De Boekers. So we did, and now I am represented by them.

Did modelling influence or change your life? If yes, in what way?
A lot, especially the way I used to eat.
I played hockey on a high level- so needed to eat good energy food haha.
Now I need to eat more healthy food. And loose some cm-s  but that already happened.
So I am going in the right direction.


What are the biggest campaigns/brands you have done and worked for?
I did some shoots for magazines Grazia + Flair + fashion shoots for Anna Scott-Aaiko-Alina Doll.
And I shot for a super nice jewellery brand ByPipit.
Have you ever dreamed to be a model?
When I was young, I wanted to be a fire-man (girl) and I wanted to work at albert heijn haha.
But I also dreamed of being a model and now that is what I am :).

​What does it takes to be a successful model?

How do you stay in shape and do you have beauty tips for our Spotted Style followers?
Once in two weeks I go to the dietitian at Fysiomed and I trained with a personal trainer also at Fysiomed.
I can dream the program that he gave me, so I can do it by myself or I use the dvd models in shape at home.

One thing that you love most about modelling?
One thing….?!! Then I choose: to meet a lot of new people!

What is fashion for you? How would you describe your own style?
People always say to me that I look like a hippie.

​​If we spot you randomly on the street, what would be your daily outfit?
Dr Martens, skinny high jeans and a comfy shirt with a leather jacket, and a small black leather backpack.

​​What is your must-have for the season?
See trough bag.


​​Fashion/ beauty icon that you admire?
Kate Moss and Erin Wasson.

​​What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?
My dogs and cat I love them so much, Tony chocolony, the new Topshop store in Amsterdam and to see my friend having fun with my dog Fitch.
1 year ago he was very afraid of dogs. When we lived in Cyprus we found a puppy and we brought it back to Amsterdam with us. Now he loves Fitch. They are always together so funny.

​​Where do you get your inspiration from?
Magazines, internet and watching people on the streets.

​​How do you see life through your eyes?
1 big challenge.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt until now from the school of life?
They are many. But my mother always told me when I did something stupid ‘doorslikken die drol’ I don’t know how to say it in English- Swallow that turd? Hahah I think ‘’Shake it off’’?
Doesn’t matter how big my mistake was or how small (colouring my hair with a bad hairdresser) don’t cry don’t complain, I think of my mum’s answer : doorslikken die drol. Shake it off.

​​The things that are worth fighting for are?
Love, life, freedom, career.

​​3songs from your playlist
It depends. For every mood I have a different playlist.
I listen to a lot of rap but my neighbors will say Andre Hazes.
1 Four five seconds- Rihanna Paul MCcartney and Kanye West
2 Zeg dat niet – Ronnie Flex en Lil Kleine
3 See you again – Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth


5facts that we don’t know about you?
I have 5 dogs and 1 cat (at my parents house).I love dancing in my underwear. When I am alone of course.
I have to snooze 2 hours in the morning so when I have to wake up at 6:00 my alarm rings at 04:00 haha.
I have always the weirdest socks ever.
Can’t live without my Nivea creme.

How do you imagine the future, what does it hold for you?
A lot of work and to see a lot of the world.

​If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.