Billie-Jean and Maurice spotted in Amsterdam!


Billie-Jean and Maurice wearing their Spotted Style t-shirts

Last weekend I met Billie –Jean Harper and Maurice Sinclair in Amsterdam while they were on their holiday! As you may already guess they are both models and they are one of the most beautiful couples I have seen! Both represented by Scout Model Agency (Switzerland), Billie-Jean and Maurice are living in Zurich. Interested to hear more about their story I met them at Coffee and Coconuts at De Pijp and we talked about modelling and photography, Maurice’s biggest passion. If you meet Billie-Jean in person, you will get why Maurice calls her ‘’his muse’’! She just finished her apprenticeship and will head to Milan for the summer! With her unique beauty, look and big potential, we are sure that modelling will reveal great opportunities for her in the future! And taking in mind that Maurice is a pro also behind the camera, we guess he will be the one to spot her for us! Stay tuned to find out more about our favorite spotted couple! Billie-Jean and Maurice in the spotlight!


Can you introduce yourself?
B.J.: My name is Billie -Jean Harper. I am 18 years old and I am from Zurich, Switzerland. I a model and right now I am doing an apprenticeship which finishes this summer. After it I am going to Milan.

M:I am Maurice Sinclair. I am 22 years old. I live in Switzerland and work as a model and a photographer full time. I do photography my whole life but for work from two years.

(you can see some of Maurice’s photography on his web page and stay tuned on Facebook )

Maurice, do you take pictures of Billie- Jean as well?
M: Of course! All the time! Haha

When and how you both started modelling?
B.J.: I started when I was 14. Somebody asked me on the street and back than I was doing more commercials. When I turned 16 I started with fashion.

M: The booker from my agency contacted me on Facebook, not very spectacular haha but a lot of agencies scout on social media nowadays.


11638103_10206114445634071_1040765257_nDo you travel a lot?
M: Most of the time I fly to Milan for jobs and I like it bur more in the summer. I have been to London and Austria for modelling. I love Amsterdam as well! For me there is always a new place to be.

B.J.: I love to travel and I hope I can do it more in the future because until now I was busy. London is one of my favorite destinations and since our visit Amsterdam too!

Did modelling change your life or you in some way?
M: I became more confident and I use modelling for photography. I can meet people easily. Modelling for me can’t be a passion. It is just that you are lucky you are good looking.

How do you stay in shape?
B.J.: Well, I love food and I love to eat and that is why I have to work out. I look after what I eat. I don’t eat a lot of fast food but I do eat chocolate sometimes.

M: Maybe I am lucky that I don’t gain weight but I love food and my biggest mistake is that I drink a lot of energy drinks. I do sports but sometimes I am lazy.


How did you two meet? What is the story?
M: First I saw her on the model page because we are from the same agency and I was looking for new models to shoot. So I thought ‘’Oh she is nice and I will stalk her on Instagram.’’ So I found her and first I asked her if she is interesting to do a shooting and she was like ‘’ Yes, of course’’ but then the agency told me that I cannot shoot her. They said she is an established model. My only chance was to meet in person and I told her ‘’They don’t let me shoot you but we can anyway meet to plan a shooting in the future’’ and then we met just for a coffee first and it all started. And when she was already my girlfriend, they couldn’t tell us anything if I can shoot her or not. She is my muse.

Since when are you a couple?
One and a half year already.




How do you imagine the future? Do you think you will continue modelling or go into another direction?
B.J.: After I finish my apprenticeship in the summer I am going to Milan and I am curious to see what is to work there and if I will like it.

M: I will keep on modelling as long as I can but I am not focused only on that. I do what I want to do also with photography and if some modelling jobs come, it is always nice to have that. I use modelling also for travelling and if they tell me to go to Milan or somewhere else and stay a few months, I know I can be at a new city and focus on other things as well. You cannot do anything about it, if you will continue or no. If you are lucky, it can explode and if you are not, that’s it but we have one of the best agencies in our country.


Maurice Sinclair

Tell me something about Amsterdam. Did you enjoy it?
Yes, we love it! We have been in many cities but we just love Amsterdam and would describe it with the word Freedom.

If you can tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Do whatever you want and don’t let other people tell you if you can make it or not. Also many people say ‘’You have to go to school, get a normal job, do that do that and that but all the people that I know at age of 60 regret the way they did it. I would also add that modelling is not so glamorous as it seems. All models know it, but to the people who have nothing to do with it seems only glamour. Sometimes it can be tough. You arrive at the location of a fashion show at 7 in the morning or wait all day. There are nice shootings but sometimes you have to travel with a shitty bus to a shitty location, except if you are Kate Moss. It is like you are nothing or a superstar. There is nothing in between. I don’t like that everybody wants to be a model. I work as a photographer and I see it all the time. People want to book shootings to act like models. It is a profession, not just being pretty.

If you have to give a name to this moment of your life how it would be called?
Development for both of us. Everything is changing in the moment.