The Sensation in our spotlight, DJ Bram Fidder!

Bram Fidder

We met Bram Fidder, the golden boy of the Dutch Techno music scene. Being only 22 and rocking the wildest parties and clubs in Amsterdam and the whole Netherlands, he already reached one of the highest tops for which every electronic music artist dreams of. This weekend our spotted talent is performing at Sensation Amsterdam 2015 ‘’The Legacy’’! We asked Bram a few questions about the spectacular upcoming event, his career and future plans. Read what he shared with us in the following lines and dive into Bram’s world full of music. Stay tuned because we are sure that his talent will lead him far and we will be there to spot him! DJ Bram Fidder in the spotlight!


Hi, Bram! Welcome to Spotted Style! Can you introduce yourself to our followers?
Thanks for having me here at Spotted Style! I am Bram Fidder, 22 years old, living in Amsterdam and dedicated to loving music, loving to perform, and creating a dream coming true at the moment.

What kind of music are you producing and can you describe your biggest passion?
I started out a long time ago playing drums. Full in it I found love for strong pulling underbelly rhythms quite early. The feeling of a strong groove, and a bassline pulling tech-house track combined with rhythmic and ecstatic vocals is what I aspire to perform while playing in a club or at a festival.
Realizing in what kind of world we are living in, I have the strong feeling that we are equal in many ways. My passion (and sound) is all about bringing people together. Striving after an energy in the room in which everybody unites and celebrates life is my goal.

Who else stays behind you and the name Bram Fidder?
In the last 4 years, I always kept an eye out for people that inspire me and from who I feel an energy that fits my flow and sensitivity for passionate people. It really gives me a good feeling when I see passionate people feeling perfectly in place in what they do. Around me I have these kind of people in different ways; my good friends who are taking care of tour management and photography on the road are an important part in this. Being together with the energy of good friends I feel at my best and always ready to perform and focus on delivering. Then there is my always focussed and hard working management and bookers; who are taking care of everything that makes the road to a dream coming true more intense and make sure it all works out fine.

Being 22, you already have many big parties and events behind you. To what do you own your success and what keeps you going forward?
Dreaming, doing, be honest and especially know your place. Take nothing for granted, especially the most worthfull and unbuyable factor in life which is time. Time is not repeatable, living with that realization I created a mindset in which I fully live life, and work as hard and passionate as I can to make my dream come true and be “an as good as can be person” at any time, this drives me.

Tell us more about Sensation Amsterdam 2015? Are you excited about the show, what we can expect and did you already get your all white outfit?
Sensation is a unique worldwide event, the name says it all. This night is incredibly special to me. When I was a small boy, I remember Sensation taking place for the first time. Everybody dressed in white and looking forward to the event from way before the date. It really created an immediate own character for the show. Duncan and Lisca (Founder of Sensation and his wife), have always been great inspirations for me. Being part of Sensation at the Headliner Deluxe is a huge pleasure for me. Next to that, Sensation Amsterdam 2015 is a celebration of 15 years Sensation. This makes it even a bigger excitement to be part of it. When Sensation started I was at the age of 7. 15 years later I’m blessed with the fact of being part of the show. Out of this world!

Earlier this year you did a big tour to India. How would you describe the experience and the time spent there? We heard your next tour is going all the way up to Japan?
Entering India is like stepping into another planet. This tour was full of travelling, meeting many amazing and inspiring people, and seeing amazing places all over India. Describing how intense and inspiring this part of the world is to me is quite hard in words. If you ever have to chance to go, just go.
The next big tour will indeed be a Japan tour in December. This is crazy for me as Japan always has been an amazingly wicked and crazy country in my imagination and from what I saw and heard about it. Going there is a longtime dream, which will be coming true now.

Can you tell us some of the events on which you are playing in the near future after Sensation Amsterdam 2015? At which parties/festivals we can spot you and enjoy your music?
Mysteryland, Welcome To The Future Festival, Nature One, Ultrasonic Festival are part of the growing schedule this Summer that is already the most crazy one yet. Thinking about it already gives me so much energy and excitement; my dream is to play at amazing festival and parties, now it is reality.

If you have to give a name to this moment of your life, how this chapter will be called?
Life is about living in the now I believe. Learn from the present, act now, dream your future. So this chapter would be called ‘now’.

What does the future hold for Bram Fidder and his music?
I truly love what I’m doing right now, and purely wanna grow in any way in life as a person and artist. Music-wise I am working in the studio a lot. My point of view is to make music I would love to play out in shows and gives you a special feeling. When music touches me, it works.

If you could tell something to the whole world, what would it be?
Realize that time is unrepeatable. Always feel this in a positive way with simply holding strong onto the believe and action of the ability to act now, focus on the beautiful things in life, dream and do.