Charity Campaign ”Lucky Bracelets for Free a Girl” by Spotted Style & Amsterdam Style Hunter


The Cause

Spotted Style and Amsterdam Style Hunter unite for the charity campaign Lucky Bracelets for Free a Girl! The founders of the two fashion blogs Milou Knierim and Nadina Gorano came up with the idea to start raising funds for Free a Girl by selling Lucky Bracelets because they are both free and lucky to do what they love with their blogs and they want to give the same opportunity to other girls around the world. The cause of Free a Girl perfectly matches the concept of the two girls.


What does Free a Girl stand for?

Free a Girl is committed to rescuing young girls from prostitution and ensuring offenders receive the proper punishment for their actions. Over the past 6 years, Free a Girl has contributed to the liberation of more than 3,400 girls from brothels in Asia. To achieve this, Free a Girl offers financial support to local organizations in the countries where the problem is the greatest. Free a girl support 14 partner organizations in various countries in Asia, Brazil and The Netherlands. Evelien Hölsken, Arjan Erkel and Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau are co-founder of Free a Girl. Glennis Grace, Vivian Reijs, Wesley Sneijder and John Ewbank are ambassadors for the foundation. You can find more information about Free a Girl by visiting their web page.

How to support the charity campaign?

If you want to support the campaign of Amsterdam Style Hunter and Spotted Style and buy the pink bracelets you can send an email to bracelet costs 2 euros. You can show you are supporting Free a Girl by using the hashtag #freeagirlbraceletbracelets Milou