Spotted! Myrthe from VDM Model Management!

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Myrthe van der Brug from VDM Model Management is the new shining star in our spotlight! The 17years old beauty just finished high school and is about to take the way of the full-time modelling! We are very excited to see where her new path will lead her! Myrthe was scouted 2years ago in Amsterdam by VDM and that is how it all started. Modelling had a positive effect on her life and made her more independent as an individual. The Dutch beauty did shows for Amsterdam Fashion Week and is currently working with ‘’Sissy-Boy’’! We are sure there is much more coming for this young pretty lady so you better stay tuned and follow Myrthe on Spotted Style!

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Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers? Who are you and how would you describe yourself?
Hi! I am Myrthe van der Brug. I am 17 years old and I will turn 18 on the 5th of Juli. I live in Weesp, a small town near Amsterdam. I just graduated and this summer I will start to model full-time!

What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
I love doing sports, especially sailing during summertime. I also like to read, singing, to hang out with my friends and to play the guitar.

When and how did you start your modeling career? Were you scouted by someone?
Almost 2 years ago I was out shopping in Amsterdam when I got scouted. VDM invited me and my parents to visit their office. They were really friendly and it all felt right, so I decided to give it a try. That is how things started to roll.

Did modeling influence or change your life? If yes, in what way?
Yes definitely, but in a good way. It is such an amazing experience and I have learned a lot from it. I have met many new people and became more independent and confident.

Are you doing catwalks? Have you walked a show for Fashion week?
Yes, but not a lot of shows. I did the Amsterdam Fashion Week last season and I do some shows here and there.

What are the biggest campaigns/brands you have done and worked for?
Currently I am working regularly with the brand ‘’Sissy-Boy’’.

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Is modeling a dream come true for you?
It was never my dream to become a model. When I was a kid I was always outside playing soccer, skating, building a treehouse etc. I wasn’t really into modeling at first.

What does it take to be a successful model?
There are a lot of things that play a role in becoming a successful model. I think that it is very important that you should be willing to work hard to get there and always believe in yourself.

How do you stay in shape and do you have beauty tips for our Spotted Style followers?
I actually always had this type of body figure. When I was younger I was very busy with sports and I still enjoy doing working out! I also try to eat healthy. Beauty tip: Drink a lot of water & get enough sleep.

What do you love most about modeling?
Meeting new people.

What is fashion for you? How would you describe your own style?
Fashion is a way to express yourself. I would describe my style as the ‘’I-Just-Wear-What-I-Like-And-What-I-Feel-Comfortable-In-Style’’. It is casual and sometimes a little boyish.

If we spot you on the street, what would be your daily outfit?
Skinny jeans, simple top, baseball jacket and sneakers or boots.

What is your must-have for the season?
A cool summer hat.

What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?
My friends & family.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Instagram and Tumblr.

The things that are worth fighting for are?
Friends, family and your dreams.

Facts that we don’t know about you?
My second name is ‘’Afke’’,I have a little addiction for peanut butter and I adore the Harry Potter series.

How do you imagine the future, what does it hold for you?
I hope to travel a lot this year while I am fulltime modeling and after that I want to go to university. I just hope that I can always do the things that make me happy.

If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Live your life, do the things you feel happy about and stop judging each other.

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