Danique Dobbe from Monday Is a Basic Bitch in the spotlight!

Danique Monday is a basic bitch

Hi, Danique! Besides being the person who stays behind the popular rebel label ‘’Monday is a basic bitch’’, how would you describe yourself to our followers?

Hi Spotted Style followers! My name is Danique, but you can call me Daan. I love dancing till the sun comes up. I can watch for hours  pretty rebels as Daria Werbory, Erin Wasson & the Dutch Iman Whitfield. I enjoy to be surrounded by happy people and I prefer to live in men shirts.


Can you tell us more about your brand? When was the idea born and how it all started?

MIABB (Monday Is a Basic Bitch) originates from my own lack. While I was shopping in Stockholm, London and Amsterdam I have visited so many shops for some pretty basics, for a good price with a tomboy twist.  I came home so grumpy every time, because I didn’t found it AGAIN. After internships in the fashion world & with my study graphic design it started to tickle, and I thought: why don’t I do it by myself?


Since when fashion is such an important part of your life and how would you describe your own style?

When I was 12 years old I thought it was nice to be a fashion designer. I could be sweet for days with cutting and pasting from clothes out of magazines and make sets. The dream of being a fashion designer didn’t last really long (something with the sewing machine which I can’t get on) but the love for fashion and clothes stayed. This love grew into a lifestyle. I’m crazy about everything from the men’s department, prefer to wear shirts and because of my 1.78meter I am a fan of sneakers. My style? Tomboy meet cool meet comfy.


Did you ever dream about starting your own label and creating clothing? What is the feeling to run your own company at your age?

The weird thing is that I still live in one big bubble. Many people around me say: “Daan what you are doing, is a dream of every girl”. I don’t see it like that, I have a goal, to let all pretty rebel girls wear items from miabb. And I think it’s positive that I’m only 20, I can learn so much and also to fail, but I also think  failing is really scary.


What is the key to success for breaking into the fashion industry nowadays and what is the thing that makes ‘’Monday is a basic bitch’’ so and special?

The power of MIABB is her own progressive, but own identity. I think it’s important that you girls, can associate with the brand, the style and the atmosphere. It doesn’t need to be just another webshop, but a lifestyle. Look, it’s so awesome, girls recognize MIABB on the palm tree, so the palm tree is provisionally not too think away at MIABB. Also you need to stay fresh in your concept, that’s why I want to work per collection with new photographers, designers and models, to create and inspire each other. Social media is a Pre, as an internet entrepreneur you NEED to have Instagram, on Instagram you can show all your creativity and style.


What kind of girls wear ‘’Monday is a basic bitch’’? Are you a Monday girl?

Monday girls are girls who are confident, rebels, but also very sweet and know what they stand for. They pick the fashion items and combine them with their own comfy basic style and I think they are a bit urban. From my eyes I may call myself a Monday girl and I’m proud of it.


What inspired you to create the label and your last collection?

My head gets inspiration from everywhere. You can let me sit down on a bank for an hour to watch the people, lovely! Besides that I rip out without any sorry all pages of the Gentle Woman and other expensive fashion books.  My record at the Athenaeum bookstore is an hour. I couldn’t chose out of the magazines haha! The idea for the paradise collection is a hotchpotch of my vacation in Indonesia through the nature and my school project whereby I made embroidered underpants with rebel texts. Those ideas combined together created the paradise collection.


Can you tell us where we can find and shop the items?

At this moment you can only buy MIABB online via www.mondayisabasicbitch.com. We already sell in a concept store for a month, that was really a dream for me. And soon you can find us there again, but that is still a surprise!


What we can expect from ‘Monday is a basic bitch’ from the near future?

Soon you can expect a LOT from MIABB. I am super proud that I may sell The fifth  label. The fifth is a super cool brand from Australia with the prettiest basics, perfectly made for the Dutch (really tall) women. There also comes an awesome collection from the Danish brand Dr. Denim (which I tried on many parties). The coming collection from MIABB gets more MIABB and makes a big statement. So stay tuned and keep an eye on Spotted Style. At Spotted style you will see the new items for the first time!