Spotted! Joyce Bakker and Style Resort


Hi, Joyce! Most of our followers already know you since you were one of our first spotted models! Can you introduce yourself to the ones who still haven’t met you yet?
Of course! My name is Joyce Bakker and I’m a nineteen-year-old Interior designer, blogger and model. And from today on Founder and Editor-in-chief of Style Resort! My whole life I have lived in Friesland, but you can find me in Amsterdam all the time.

You started a new project, called Style Resort! Based on the lifestyle posts, we guess there is no surprise that Spotted Style is one of your biggest fans! Can you tell us more how the idea of Style Resort was born and what is its concept?
Style Resort was born out of the love to share my adventures and things that make me happy with other people. I made it because I want to provide the people, which are always looking for new things with loads of inspiration and beautiful things. And when I say things it can about be so many subjects, because I like to blog about all of them! For example: Interior design, fashion, beauty, hotspots, events, people and more.
The concept behind Style Resort is that it’s from the reader for the reader, because I would happily welcome some new enthusiastic (also male) bloggers who also would love to share their adventures! So we can all give each other inspiration and tips about things, stuff to buy and people to meet.

What are your favorite topics that you will blog about and what your followers can expect from the Style Resort?
My personal all time favorite topics to blog about would be: Hotspot and Events. Because I’m always on the road and I come across so many nice, beautiful and rememberable places and events. And it would be a pity if other people would never know about the existence.
Followers can expect that we will bring some of the greatest parties/events that The Netherlands can give to you, interview interesting people, test the newest hotspots, select favorites that we have personally tested and blog about many other different subjects.

Can you tell us your favorite hotspots in Amsterdam and where do you like to spend your free time?
Because there are so many great places in Amsterdam with so many different things to do it is hard to choose. But if I had to choose one spot I would go to spend my free time it will be: Coffee and Coconuts at the Ceintuurbaan 282. You can go there to drink something with your friends or go by yourself and work on your laptop in one of the beanbags. It’s just a really great concept (If you want to know more you can check it out on my blog).

We spotted some beauty and fashion posts on Style Resort. Is fashion part of your list with interests and how would you describe your own style?
Beauty and fashion are definitely a part of my interests, but I don’t spend all of my time only on it. I’m aware of the latest trends and some of them I want to try, but I have my own style and I will only wear the fashion and the beauty products I really like.
I don’t really know what my style is, but I heard some people called it: elegant, simple but with most of the time an eye catcher.

Your musthave for the season is…
On my blog you can find my weekly picks, but if I had to choose one I would go for some summer pumps/heels.

What is your favorite quote?
‘No one is you and that’s your power’. It’s also on my blog home page, I just adore this quote because it gives you so many people and it’s not meant to drag people down… Only to lift them up.

Joyce Bakekr

Favorite movie and book of all time?
My favorite movie would be: ‘Children of men’. And my favorite book of this moment is actually one with more pictures and quotes then text in it: ‘Places to go and people to see’ by Kate Spade.

Your last trip was to Paris! What is your next dream destination?
Paris surely is always a good idea and had a wonderful time there! But in my head I’m in New York City most of the time! I would just love to go there and see if all the stories are true. Only it is a little bit too early for me to go there and I will probably visit London first because I want to experience the city in another way then the way you do when you are working there.
What does it feel to be a lifestyle blogger and what inspired you to start the Style Resort?
It feels great! You are sharing your knowledge with people for free and it is so fulfilling to do it.
I got pretty inspired by some of my friends that are also running different kinds of blogs (Like Spotted Style). The blogging virus was so contagious it couldn’t be stopped when they started talking about their blogs and how they wanted to make it bigger and better.

If you have to give a name of this moment of your life, what would it be?
Chapter: Building dreams. 😉