Pablo Lücker in the spotlight!


I had the pleasure to meet the creative artist and DJ Pablo Lücker from Puresang in Amsterdam! Curious to find out more about his extraordinary ART EXPO PABLO LUCKER at VondelCS I asked him a few questions about his work of art, inspiration and successful collaborations with Porsche, Wednesday Whiskey and Hennessy. The talented Pablo graduated from Design Academy in Eindhoven and over the years he developed his own style and special signature. Led by his biggest passions in life- art and music, he travels the world and finds inspiration all around. Meeting the positive, ambitious and passion driven Pablo was more than interesting. His enthusiasm is contagious! Read the full interview, take a look at the gallery and dive into the colorful imaginary world of our spotted designer! Pablo Lucker in the spotlight!


Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers?
I am Pablo and I am 30 years old. I am a designer, a DJ. And I make art.

Your last successful project is the ART EXPO PABLO LUCKER. Can you tell us more about it? What inspired you to create it and how did you get so passionate about it?
I had the chance to do an art exposition. It was at Vondelpark, at the VondelCS. Beautiful environment and big building with enough space inside and outside. I was working for this project and cooperated with different brands in order to show that art is more than paintings. If you have a strong handwriting you can use it and apply it on cars, bathtubs or even shoes.

You did a few big collaborations with WEDNESDAY WHISKEY, PORSCHE & THE FLYING DUTCH and HENNESSY. How long did it take you to do all the work and which one was the most challenging for you?
Actually I did one more collaboration. It was with JEE-0 a bathtub.The Wednesday Whiskey project for me is a very special one because it was the first brand I worked with. The owner and I were developing the concept together. I was thinking how I can add an extra value to the product combined with art because a lot of people like art and there are products everywhere but art is something special with unique style.

The second thing that was really important for me was the collaboration with Porsche. I always had in mind to do something with a sport car. That is how I was coming with ideas to customize a Porsche GT3 so I did this in a collaboration with The Flying Dutch Festival. They asked me to expose some art. The car was used to travel the artists during the festival. The festival is about music, fashion and they wanted to add Art in it so it was great opportunity!

What does art mean to you and since when it is such a big part of your life?
For me art is first emotion, the way that I feel and how I see the world. It is some kind of a dream world where I can do whatever I want. You can have fun and not everything has to be so serious. That makes me happy!

Besides being an artist you are a DJ and part of Puresang? What kind of music do you make and who stays behind the name?
Behind the name is my younger brother and our MC. We play Trap and EDM Music, and like cross over different styles so we can play whatever we like.

Are there some upcoming events? Where we can hear your music?
We are playing at a lot in the Netherland and this weekend we will be at Tilburg & Kerkrade After a few weeks we are going to Spain, Greece, and Germany for our summer tour.

What is your key to success in life and did you have a vision from the start?
Follow your heart, follow your emotion and do what you like. Hold on, never give up. I am focused on doing things I like and I guess this joy that I have from my work is motivating me to work really hard and to make other people passionate and enthusiastic about the things you see. When you see somebody smiling and having fun and doing what he or she likes, you take over this vibe.

What do you expect from the future and what can our Spotted Style followers expect from you as an artist?
There are a lot of big collaborations coming up. Abroad there is a big scene for art. After my collaborations I get a lot of invites. I want to do the same project that I did here in New York so this is the next step for me. Also I am working on an exposition in China. In September I will show my art there.

Did you practice the drawing before doing the Porsche?
No, I didn’t. I don’t want to make sketches or practice things. It has to be a pure emotion so I just start and then it happens. The first lines are the difficult ones and after that it grows and becomes what it is. We made a movie about the project with the Porsche. We found a place nice warehouse and we drove the Porsche to there. It took around 18 hours to finish the project, but i am very happy with the result!

If you could give a name to this moment of your life, how this chapter would be called?
It is some kind of a Roller Coaster. If you start something, have fun and you try to connect with other people a lot of things can happen. It is amazing how one thing can lead to another and it can bring you everywhere.