Spotted! David L. Turner, the Creative Director of Katrhyn Milan



Last week Spotted Style was invited to visit the beautiful showroom of Kathryn Milan in the center of Amsterdam. I met and interviewed the ambitious fashion entrepreneur, designer and Creative Director David L. Turner and members of his team. Curious to find out more about the man behind the brand, who is the Kathryn Milan woman and KM24 man next to her. After getting all the answers to my questions, David showed me each piece from his last collection “Every leaf is a flower’’ and some of the statement garments from the last seasons. Taking a closer look at the garments, each of them with a special attention to detail, falling in love with the elegant style and grace of Kathryn Milan was inevitable. High quality, precisely selected fabrics from all around the world and a perfect fit are part of the DNA that creates the Kathryn Milan/ KM24 brand. You maybe wonder the same as I did before I met David… Who is she? Let me tell you more about her and reveal the secret!

Kathryn Milan 2

Kathryn Milan is the star and she has her own style. What about the KM24 man next to her? He happens to be a very handsome co-star who understands her world and doesn’t mind her being in the spotlight even if people are taking pictures of her all day and night. He is secure in who he is, he adores her and that is part of their relationship. With the upcoming summer, he will take a little step back and will let her shine in the spotlight with the new collection which you can expect in the next few months. David shared that we can expect beautiful dresses and he is excited about the new collection which is different. Different is not a bad word and he wants to keep the thing interesting and classy. The Kathryn Milan team is currently working on the launching of the web shop. This is an exciting new business venture for the additional growth of the company. Besides working on the new collection, David travels a lot and his journeys give him inspiration for future projects. A few weeks ago he was in Morocco and this month he is going to Singapore. Read the full interview and stay tuned for more news about Kathryn Milan/ KM24 on Spotted Style.

Kathryn Milan

N:Was it always a dream for you to create a fashion brand?

D: I went to a school for business and my major was Management and Marketing but I always had a creative side. My family believed that business is very important regardless in what area of life you work in. But when I moved to Europe I knew I had to do a fashion brand which I wanted to do for many years. I thought this is a great time to reinvent myself. I believed if I am ever going to launch a brand, this was the perfect time.

N:If you had stayed in the States, do you think you would have started it there or not?

D:People have asked me this question. Why wouldn’t I do it in the States, because I knew people, I worked in the celebrity field and it was home but I am a spiritual person and I believe things happen for a reason, at a time and a season so I can’t guess why I did not launch Kathryn Milan/ KM24 in the United States. It was evidently meant to be done here.

N:Why did you choose Amsterdam? Have you been here before?

D:I came to  Amsterdam for 5 or 6 times before on holiday and enjoyed the city.. I moved here with my partner and daughter and I felt like I was able to fulfil another dream which was to live in Europe.

 N:What inspired you to create ‘’Every leaf is a flower’’?

D:I had an intern at that time and her name was Lily. As she was a big part of working with me on the collection, her name and flowers became a further inspiration.

N:Can you tell us who is the Kathryn Millan woman?

D:She is a multi-dimensional woman. She is really a woman that I have been connected with for many years, my mother, my grandmother and I had some amazing teachers with style who also encouraged me to be my personal best. The Kathryn Milan woman is strong, independent, stylish and she lives a lifestyle that suits all of who she is as a woman.

N:What kind of challenges did you face when you came to Amsterdam?

D:First I do not speak the language so I knew this would be a challenge. I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people who have been a big support system in helping me to make this transition between America and Amsterdam.



N:To what do you owe your success in the fashion industry?

D:To the individuals who I have met, some have come and gone for whatever reasons. I think every person who walks through the door, including yourself is a part of the success of the brand. As Creative Director I encourage for everyone to have a voice and contribution in the development of the brand. Having that freedom allows for greater creativity and makes us a stronger team to create something amazing.

N:So for you the brand is a dream come true, so what is it like to run your own company?

D: Kathryn Milan was established in 2000 and we have worked in the areas of beauty, fashion and entertainment. To have the opportunity to make clothes for the woman that I see in my head is a dream come true. If anyone is fortunate enough to be in a position to make their dreams come true, they have a very blessed life and in this case I am very fortunate.

N:What keeps you going and creating further?

D:I am very passionate and driven person and I love what I do. New challenges are always exciting and motivating to me. Creating beautiful clothes is like breathing to me and the quest for the brand to be successful continues to fuel me.

N: Did you have a vision when you started on how you wanted to develop your brand?

D: Some of it is organic and some of it is strategic. I am always thinking about branding and the business side of fashion. No matter how much we all love fashion, it is still a matter of profitability. The development of the Kathryn Milan brand is ongoing and our goal is to establish it where it is recognized internationally.

N:How do you imagine the brand to be in the years to come?

D:Someone asked me the same question recently. I hope that this is my last career, because Kathryn Milan is so embedded in who I am personally and professionally it is a 24hour process. It would be an amazing thing that the Kathryn Milan brand many years to come would be recognized as a company with high quality and standards. The vision I have is that customers will endorse future products and services that Kathryn Milan develops, because they trust in how we do business.