Spotted Maxime Meijer!

MaxThe beautiful Maxime Meijer is 16 years old, born and raised in Hoevelaken, The Netherlands. She is modelling for I BE Models (The Netherlands), New Madison Models (France), Storm Model Management (United Kingdom) and One Management (NY, USA). After years of dreaming  of becoming a model, she was scouted. Two years ago she jumped into the fashion world and today we asked her more about fashion, modelling and her healthy lifestyle. Read the interview and follow her on Spotted Style for more updates! Maxime in the spotlight!


Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers? Who are you and how would you describe yourself?
Hi! My name is Maxime Meijer and I am 16 years old. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic and exploring person, who loves to travel and see new places.

What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
I love photography! For my 15th birthday (one year ago) I got a professional camera from my grandma. Since then I take pictures all the time! I really take my camera everywhere I go haha ;). And I also want to become a fashion photographer later. I play field hockey since I was 8. So that’s quite a long time! And last but not least, I love listening to music! I do it all the time.

When and how you started your modelling career? Were you scouted by somebody?
I started modelling at the age of 14. Now, 2 years later I’m with another agency. How I started modelling with this agency is a long story. But I will make it short ;). I was scouted by Paul Fisher last year September, and Paul Fisher is in partnership with my mother agency; I BE Models. He scouted me while he was looking for new models for his tv program; I Can Make You A Supermodel.

Did modelling influence or change your life? If yes, in what way?
Yes, modelling really changed my life, in a good way! I met a lot of amazing people in the industry and because of modelling I have more self-confidence now. So, I am very happy I started modelling!

Have you ever dreamed to be a model?
I dreamt to be a models since I was very little! I always wanted to be on pictures! For my 11th birthday, I asked my parents to mail my photos to a modelling agency for kids, and I told them that I wanted nothing else for my birthday except becoming a model. So, yes, becoming a model was always my biggest dream. And I still loving modelling!

What does it takes to be a successful model?
You have to be really patient!! And you need perseverance. Because sometimes you have to wait very long before a casting. And perseverance is something you need because you can be rejected by people in the industry, and that can be very hard! Never give up!

How do you stay in shape and do you have beauty tips for our Spotted Style followers?
I stay in shape by having a healthy lifestyle. I eat (most of the time), very healthy. My mother always cooks very healthy dinners. So that really helps me with staying in shape. And further, I try to avoid too much carbohydrates. So for example, I do not eat bread all the time but instead I drink a (green) smoothie in the morning.

And always drink enough water! Drinking water keeps your skin healthy and water also fills your stomach. So if you are hungry and you are doubting between eating a cookie or drinking water… then choose water.

One thing that you love most about modelling?
The thing I love the most about modelling is meeting new people and work together with them on a great project!

What is fashion for you? How would you describe your own style?
Fashion means a lot to me! I always wanted to have my ‘own style’, but it’s hard to find clothes that fit in that style. And I really love to wear skirts and high heels.

If we spot you randomly on the street, what would your daily outfit be?
I think you will find me wearing a black or grey skater skirt with tank-top or t-shirt and high heels. Or you will find me just wearing a simple jeans with a t-shirt and a jacket.

What is your must-have for the season?
Definitely sunglasses with a nice summer hat.

Fashion/ beauty icon that you admire?
Cara Delevingne, because of her craziness and the things she already has reached at such a young age. She has worked for the biggest designers in the world. But despite that, she stays who she is.

What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?
It sounds very weird, but I love sarcastic jokes. I really don’t know why, but I just love that kind of jokes. Being around people I love makes me very happy! I love to be surrounded by people.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration mostly from magazines. I love reading magazines like VOGUE and ELLE.

How do you see life through your eyes?
I see life as something you have to enjoy!! You have to make the best of it, even in bad situations! Do the things you love the most and enjoy these things! Life is also something you learn from, if make faults you will learn of them. And every time you learn of your faults, you will be wiser.
What is the most important lesson you have learnt until now from the school of life?
To not judge others. A lot of people judge other people, but maybe the one you are judging because of his/her cheap looking clothes, doesn’t have a lot of money and is very happy with that clothes. Or maybe the one you are judging on his/her arrogant attitude, uses that attitude as a mask, because he/she is actually very shy.

The things that are worth fighting for are?
Friends, family and your dreams

3songs from your playlist
Beyoncé – Love on top
R.I.O ft. U-Jean – Summer Jam
Wisin ft. Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin – Adrenalina

5facts that we don’t know about you?
I would love to have a blog
I love traveling
I love Moroccan and Lebanese food
I have two dogs, and I love them
I am a big fan of Pretty Little Liars
How do you imagine the future, what does it hold for you?
Doing what I love the most, modelling!!

If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Enjoy the little things in life!