Lois Schindeler spotted at the Elite Model Home!


Hi, dear Lois! Nice to meet you! We are excited to hear more about your stay at The Elite Model Home. Can you introduce yourself to our Spotted Style followers first?
Lois Schindeler, 20, Amstelveen.

You are one of the models, who had the amazing chance to live at the Elite Model Home. Can you tell us more about your stay there?
I stayed at the EMH for a total of 9 weeks, together with the Dutch girls; Natascha Vd Pol, Jaimie de Jong, Anniek Abma, Julia Mourits, Marleine Oranje & Aniek Arisse. And we had some girls from abroad too! It wasn’t my first time away from home but it was my first time living with 8 girls together in a home haha!!!

The team consisting of a personal trainer, nutritionist, psychologist, mental coach, catwalk trainer worked together with you to help you achieve your personal goals. What was your goal and did staying at the model’s home made its accomplishment easier?
My goal was to get in the greatest shape possible, in the most healthy way possible. And i did it! I’m so so so grateful for all the people who were working with us to make this possible, they had a great encouraging vibe and made the progress a lot more easier and more fun! We literally worked our asses off and without them I would not be where I am now and I would not be the strong and balanced model I am now.

Tell us more about the things that you learnt at the dream model home…
I learnt a lot about how important the combination of working out and your nutrition is. 80% of your weight-loss is nutrition and that’s something i didn’t knew. I learnt to eat balanced, nutritious and especially enough!!!! I learnt that modeling is like topsport. You need to train/move everyday and eat healthy to stay in shape. Because of that i got a lot of discipline and my self-esteem got a great boost too, i feel great in my new body!


 The girls at the Elite Model Home

How was it to be surrounded by girls who are working hard on the same goals and are being led by the same ambitions as you are?
It was great!!! Really, i think without them it was a 100 times harder to keep the spirits up. If someone felt a little bit sad about their progress we were all there to cheer her up. Living together for such a long time made us really close together and we became a great friendgroup! We’re even planning to go on a holiday together!

How does a day at the Elite Model Home look like? Tell us more about your daily activities/routine.
You get up at 08:30, have some breakfast and then we start moving! Walking around in town/forest, go for a run or go to the gym..it doesn’t matter, you just need to be on the move. On the training days we work out 2 times a day with Marjolein, 1-hour cardio session in the morning aka 1-hour kill yourself session and after lunch we do a 1-hour strength training in which we train our butt, legs, abs, back and arms! We have a cooking duty for every day: 2 girls are cooking the dinner and make sure the kitchen is clean all day long. We have the most delicious food ever for dinner because everyone loves to cook. At night time we like to have a quick cardio session or a walk outside, after that we often play a game together or watch a movie.

After working on your personal development and growth as a model, now you are ready to become a successful, international one. What is the next best thing coming for you?
I’m going to Rome for a job and after that to Milan on stay to do castings and hopefully get to work!!! I’m very excited to spread my wings after all the hard work we did back in the EMH!

The Elite Model Home is … THÉ way to create healthy, strong, independent and happy models!!!



 Pictures by Yorick Nube



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