Spotted Style meets Amsterdam Style Hunter


Hi, dear Spotted Stylers! On 16th of May, I went to the first Fierce Fashion Festival, organized by ModeMusthaves! You can read more about the event by clicking here! While walking around the fashion festival full of pretty boho inspired dressed girls with wildflowers in their hairs, a stunning enthusiastic girl came to me and told me she would like to spot me. As you may guess, she got my attention immediately with the expression ”spotted”. More than curious to hear what stays behind her idea, I had a little chat with her before the next DJs start playing. So, this is how I met Milou, the founder of  Amsterdam Style Hunter! Right after the festival, I saw her business card and checked her Instagram account. Now, it is my turn to spot her because she is a dictator of a good taste! Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with her, talking about blogging, work and future collaboration. Read more about the Amsterdam Style Hunter and stay tuned to see more of Amsterdam Style Hunter and Spotted Style! Coming soon!



Hello, Amsterdam Style Hunter! First of all, thank you for spotting me! It was a nice surprise! Can you reveal the secret and tell to our Spotted Style followers who are you?

My name is Milou, I’m 21 years old and I’m a law student living in Amsterdam.

Tell us more what the Amsterdam Style Hunter does and how did you get with the idea to spot fashion dictators?
Amsterdam Style Hunter is a streetstyle platform. I post a few pictures everyday from random fashionable girls from Amsterdam, and sometimes also bloggers, to inspire other girls. I just missed a platform where I could identify myself with the girls wearing the clothes. The outfits from the girls I post are mostly of the time very affordable so it’s accessible for every girl in Amsterdam to be inspired by these outfits, because you can also buy it at a store around your corner.

Did you always have an eye for fashion? When did you become so passionate about it?
I think so. When I was very young I was already obsessed with fashion. When I was eleven years old, I had a book full of drawings of outfit and me and two friends just did like we had our own fashion label. At that time I always wanted to become a fashion designer. Then I went to high school and my visions changed, I wanted to be a lawyer, so I went to University to study Law. Now I’m at the end of my Bachelor of Law and the creativity and my passion for fashion started coming back, so I started this platform.

Last time you spotted me, but what we can expect from you if we spot you on the street next time? What is your favorite outfit and how do you describe your personal style?
This is a hard question for me. My style is always changing, because the fashion in Amsterdam is so changeable, and I get inspired by so many people I see every week. Someday I can dress very classy and girly in a dress and with heels, and some days just a jeans with sneakers. But I think I could describe my style as casual, but always with a surprisingly touch. So a ripped jeans, a clean white t-shirt but then a boho bag full of colours and coins. Or an all-black outfit with a leopard coat. There is always one key piece in my outfit that is obvious.

Do you have favorite fashion icons that you follow and get inspiration from?
Every girl in Amsterdam can inspire me. So that’s what I mean, I get inspired the most by girls I see daily in my own city. There are a few girls in Amsterdam that I think I can call a fashion icon. First blogger Lizzy van der Ligt, I adore her looks. Then hockey player Ellen Hoog, she always dresses very nicely. And blogger Vivian Hoorn, I think her style is amazing. Oh and also Olcay Gulsen, she is such a powerful woman and always knows how to dress like that!

What is your must-have for the season?
My musthave for this summer is an Ibiza inspired boho bag. You can wear that to one of the festivals in Amsterdam during summer, at the beach, at a party…So it’s very useful. An obvious bag can give your outfit just the last touch to make it a good outfit.

Amsterdam is a city full of diversity when it comes to fashion and street style. Is it difficult to find the right person for your spotlight?
Yes, it is. There are always so many people on the street or at a festival, and I choose the outfits very selectively. So it is really a “hunt” when I’m looking for people to photograph haha. I always look if the outfit suits the person. And then I just photograph what I think that is a good look. I don’t know exactly how I choose, I just do that with my intuition. And my followers like that, so I think I choose well.