Paris Insider: Le Marais by The Pure Companions


Le Marais is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris. It gives you the feeling of a medieval Paris, with small crooked lanes that are filled with bars, lunchrooms, restaurants, boutiques, designers and art galleries. You will find both traditional bakeries, wine shops and vintage shops mixed with trendy concept stores and hip designer places situated in beautiful old buildings. In the prior ‘Paris Insider’ post I came up with a list of nice places, stores and restaurants to visit in the city. However, there is so much more to do in Paris and Le Marais is one of the areas that I wanted to share more of!

R U E   D E S   R O S I E R S 

This street is the center of the Jewish quarter. Here was once the largest Jewish community in Europe, before the tragic events happened in WWII. Now this cosy street is packed with bakeries, restaurants, boutiques, old hammams and ‘Traiteurs Yiddish’ where you can eat the best falafel sandwiches you’ll ever have!


L E   L O I R  D A N S   L A   T H É I È R E  
A teahouse serving a delicious assortment of homemade pies and cakes. Inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice In Wonderland, this tea/lunchroom is decorated with vintage furniture, hundreds of posters and a lot of old wood. Sit down in one the comfortable leather couches and try the famous lemon meringue pie! 
(Address: 3 Rue des Rosiers) 



L ‘ É C L A I R   D E   G É N I E   

Here you will find the most beautifully decorated éclairs that will surprise your taste buds. For the ones that do not know what these are: an éclair is a finger shaped pastry filled with whip cream, custard or pastry cream coated with an icing. At L’éclair de Génie these little pastries are real artworks, therefore a little pricy but definitely worth it! (Address: 14 Rue Pavée)


A huge concept store situated in Haut Marais that sells fashion, design and interior decoration. The items that you will find here are of different styles: vintage, modern and handmade. These are for instance a beautiful collection of clothing, handmade jewelry, cool furniture, small stationary musthaves and gadgets. You can also relax or eat in one of the three food places at Merci. The ‘Used Book Café’ is like a small library where you take a relaxed coffee break. ‘Café Cinéma’ will let you enjoy a nice classic movie projected on the wall and ‘La Cantine de Merci’ is a restaurant in the basement that serves organic and healthy meals! 
(Address: 111 Bd. Beaumarchais)



C A F É   P I N S O N

A small vegan restaurant serving healthy and gluten free meals. The café has a relaxed atmosphere and stylish interior design. Also, the coffee and homemade juices here are really good!  (58 Rue du Faubourg Poissoinnère)




M O N A   M A R K E T 

A cute concept store with its own particular style. The area is divided in to different small rooms; mini kitchen, bedroom and small living space. They offer lovely scented bathroom products, accessories, clothing, tableware, interior decoration and more! (Address: 4 Rue Commines)




L E   M A R Y   C E L E S T E
A small and cosy cocktail bar with a creative and beautiful interior design. They serve tasty cocktails and small dishes, such as oysters and season vegetables that are of high quality. (Address: 1 Rue Commines)



L E   M A R C H É   D E S   E N F A N T S – R O U G E  

A vibrant local food market based in a former orphanage house that offers really good food from all over the world, such as delicious hamburgers and homemade fries, good Moroccan dishes and high quality seafood.(Address: 39 Rue de Bretagne)



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