Lara’s Journal: London Calling! The Pure Companions

by Lara Roozemond


About Lara 
Lara Roozemond (19) is a gorgeous Dutch model living in Amsterdam. At the age of fifteen, she was scouted on a busy shopping day while rushing down the streets of Amsterdam. Two women approached her and asked if she wanted to become a model. Six months later, her first trip was made to the fashion capital: Paris. Lara is a full time model for one and a half years now, and is currently developing an acting career on the side: a real talent to watch! She travels to many beautiful places and makes some great memories along the way, which she will share with us here! Curious? See more of Lara here

 L O N D O N   C A L L I N G


At the start of April, it was again time to pack my suitcase and head to London! As always, I had way too many clothes packed, resulting in an unpleasant workout of lifting overweight luggage… I have often travelled to London for work before, so I was looking forward to it! In the first couple of weeks I have been moving between air bnb places and host families, trying to find a proper place, which currently is a bright pink English house with a lot of scary interior decoration… Luckily, the host himself is very friendly and funny.



Whoaaa… Scary decoration

My look has once again been changed for a new campaign: short cut, dark brown, and highlights. I had to spend EIGHT hours at the hairdresser, only for them to get the perfect result (trust me, eight hours of sitting up straight with clips and foils in your hair is véry long).





Nevertheless, I love London and already been there many times. My favorite part of the city is the East, around Shore ditch and Hackney. This area is filled with hipsters, graffiti (some Banksys!) and creative people. Of course, Trafalgar square and Piccadilly circus etc. are beautiful (especially at night), but in the East you will find a more down to earth atmosphere and trendy places.



London is a food paradise for me. At every cafe they have some gluten-free bars, muffins or healthy snacks. And there are a lot of healthy salad bars and takeaways as well. I have been living here for a month now and I have not cooked once (sorry mom)!


M I N K I E S   D E L I ‘ S   K E N S A L   R I S E 

At the moment I live in Kensal Rise and this place sells the best soy latte’s and delicious gluten-free cakes!



R E S T A U R A N T   C A R L U C C I O S 
This is one of my favorite restaurants in London. An italian restaurant that also serves gluten-free pizza’s and pasta’s! The last time I visited London my friend Felice and I would eat here almost every night, driving the waiters crazy with our laugh attacks.





This city is always busy. If I do not have a job for the day, I run around the city having at least five castings per day. At one of the castings the director had a beautiful piano in the room, and the first thing I said (instead of introducing myself) was: “aaah you have a piano!” He then forced me to play, so while he was casting models I was playing the piano in the background! It was very funny and he wanted me to stay for a while. However, he probably liked my piano skills more than my looks, due to the fact that he did not book me…pfff!

 Besides some editorials, fashion videos and test shoots, I have been working a lot with French Connection for the SS16 collection! Their clothing collections are stunning! Unfortunately, what I wore will be in stores next summer…



Moreover, I followed some acting classes here in London and I even got a role in a short movie! One of the finest moments that I have had this month is when I met with my friend Charmie and I decided to jam on the streets of London. We sat down in the sun, while singing and playing the guitar. We also recorded a piece:


I will stay for a little bit in London, then head back to Amsterdam and get ready for my new adventure! 



Notting Hill


Waterloo food market





Next Stop…?