Elise Bak and The Pure Companions in the spotlight!


Hi, dear Spotted Stylers! We hope you are having an amazing weekend!
After we had the pleasure to have Evie and Fabienne from Models love food as our first guest bloggers, it is time to introduce you our new spotted talent the next week! Elise Bak is the founder and editor of the creative blog The Pure Companions! Passionate about travelling, stories, design, art and lifestyle, the 21 years old Elise started the inspiring concept of The Pure Companions! Read more about our new spotted blogger! The Pure Companions definitely turned into one of our favorites and if travelling, companions, lifestyle and art sound to you as magical and exciting as they do to us, we are sure it won’t take long until you turn into a true Pure Companions fan! Read what Elise shared with us and stay tuned next week to dive in to the inspiring world of Elise and her pure companions…

My name is Elise (21) and I am the creator of The Pure Companions. The idea behind this blog is to provide a collection of stories and posts written by “pure companions”: friends, family and me who travel, love to be creative and whom are inspired by the things around us. It is not a one person-centered blog about his or her stories and outfits: It combines multiple individuals, entrepreneurial stories, creative artists, travel journals, look books and taking and sharing photos of people and things that inspire us.

The Pure Companions

The first trigger for this idea happened when I moved to Amsterdam to study International Business Administration. Seeing all these beautiful people filled with passion to start their own small businesses inspired me to use my own creativity for something bigger. However, time passed by quickly and I was still drawing and painting as a hobby, apart from some small styling projects on the side… But when I moved to Paris for a semester it hit me again. I started to collect all places and spots that inspired me in my ‘little black book’ and when I moved back home it was time to finally start making my idea in to something real.

During this week, I will share my blog posts on Spotted Style! The topics will vary: about travels, hotspots, creative companions and inspiration on fashion and interior design!

Elise is wearing:  /Two piece skirt & top - Vanilia / Necklace - It's Loft / Sunglasses - Komono
Elise is wearing:
/Two piece skirt & top – Vanilia / Necklace – It’s Loft / Sunglasses – Komono

About The Pure Companions

The Pure Companions is a piece of the creative world online, collecting inspiration and stories from more than one area. Our desire is to inspire you in everyday life: to share intriguing (companion) stories, talented artists, interior ideas, travels, photography, writings & poetry and many more that we find remarkable enough to present to you.

“There is more to seeing than meets the eye”

The Pure Companions wants to embrace this by searching for inspiration in any possible place and find out about the stories behind it. We all need some daily inspiration, to remind us that we must live life the way we want it and to do exactly what makes us happy.
In today’s society, we often forget that companionship is one of the most valuable things in life. Friends, family, lovers and partners in crime. They give us the support to pursue our dreams, make us smile, and fade away our difficulties. The Pure Companions is here to remind you of that!


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