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Hi, Spotted Stylers!

Evie is sick today, so I will blog for her. I will show you my food diary again and of course the recipes! Yesterday  I was studying the whole morning and in the midday I went to the gym and after it I continued studying. Exams are coming! 

In the morning I had low fat quark, with an apple, mulberries, broken line seeds, dates and agave syrup. I eat low fat quark because it fills my stomach really good, it has not so many calories and it is better than a normal full yogurt. Broken line seeds contain many fibers and that helps with weight loss and being in shape (what is really important for me and modelling). The dates and mulberries are pure for the taste, I LOVE dates, I’m a bit addicted (;. 



 Before I eat my breakfast I drink lemon water. I squeeze a half lemon with 250ml water. I drink this because the lemon water stimulate your fat burning. After my breakfast I drink a cup of self-made tea with ginger and lemon, because they both improve your digestion.


In the midday I made a salad with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, soft goat cheese , roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and pine nuts. After I had my salad, I went to the gym, that’s why I used avocado (also because I’m an avocado-lover). Avocado contains lots off fats and calories, but only good fats and you need your calories to do some sport, right! Also avocado is really good for you hair, nails and skin. The combination of avocado and tomato is super healthy, because the fat in the avocado advances the lycopene in the tomato. Lycopene works for example against heart-problems and many more.



In the evening I ate a filled bell pepper with mushrooms, leek, beans, corn, soybean and topped it with soft goat cheese. And next to my pepper a few more mushrooms and the other half avocado. You can fill the bell pepper with everything you like, just put it in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 degrees and enjoy your meals !



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