Models Love Food by Fabienne Dobbe


This is our first blog as guest bloggers of the week and we are really excited to share our food recipes and pictures with you, Spotted Style followers! Today is Fabienne’s day and I’m really lucky that I finally have vacation this week, but next week I have my exams… Of course I need to combine learning and working out, BUT eating healthy is also really important. Today is my first day and our first post so I made my favorite breakfast: banana pancakes! Bananas stimulate your concentration (the thing I really need now) and perfect as a pre workout breakfast!

Banana Pancakes

pancakesThe recipe for the pancakes:

-1 banana
-1 egg white
-1 dl oats (buckwheat flour works better,but I tried oats one time (or spelt is also okay))
-1 tbsp broken line seed
Mash the banana and put all the other ingredients in a bowl. Put some coconut oil in a pan (or another kind of oil) and make some small pancakes. I topped my first layer with low fat quark, the second one with strawberries, quark, strawberries, quark and a sprinkle of cinnamon and agave syrup.

Vegan Sushi Role


After my workout I made one jummie vegan sushi role (without rice, super healthy and not that many calories) I used:

-1 nori sheet
-snack tomatoes
-1/4 avocado (the other ¼ I ate myself (; )
-a handful spinach
-30 gr cucumber
-humus to let the nori stick together
You just need to roll them the way you make sushi, but without rice.


My parents had pizza for dinner and with the healthy model lifestyle I have, I may not eat pizza, so I made bimi! The taste of Bimi is just like normal broccoli but than the stalk is longer. I wanted to make this with green asparagus but they were sold out in the super market, so I tried some Bimi.
I used:
-200gr Bimi
-20gr soft goat cheese
-a few little pieces of bacon
-sprinkle of sesam seeds
I wokked the bimi for a few minutes in a bit coconut oil. Sleep well lovelies! 


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