Push your limits! Monica spotted at Nike Women’s Run


One of our first spotted fashion dictators Monica rocked her personal record at Nike Women’s Run! It is time to applause her and let you know more about the event… One of the largest running series for women in cities all over the world – Toronto, Hong Kong, Paris, Milan, Moscow and of course Amsterdam. On May 16th, 6023 women took over the streets of Amsterdam to push their boundaries and run their best 10KM!  The race was amazing! Seeing more than 6000 women ready to rock their running shoes and beat their personal records really plays a very motivational role to do your best.Especially when you hear the crowd cheering for you through the streets of beautiful Amsterdam. So, having that many people supporting you does the trick – beating your personal record never seemed easier! 

 If you are brave enough to start, you are strong enough to finish! #betterforit #werunamsterdam

Spotted! Senna from Max Models!


Last week we spotted a few more faces from Max Models! The first one is Senna van Plateringen. 19 years old, born and living in the Netherlands and currently modelling in Milan. Modelling became part of Senna’s life 6 months ago when he decided to listen to his friends’ advice and give it a try. A day later he went to a casting and signed with Max Models. For this short period of time he has already been in London, Paris, Milan, Brussels and Berlin for work. His dream destinations are China & Japan and we hope soon his dream will come true and we will spot him there! Follow Senna on Spotted Style!



Spotted! Kelly Spronk from VDM Model Management!

by Cristian Davila

New week and new gorgeous face in our spotlight! After Clarine, we interviewed Kelly Spronk from VDM Model Management! The Dutch beauty is 23 years old, born in Hoorn and living in Alkmaar with her boyfriend. Kelly was scouted when she was 13 and started modelling 6 years ago. She kicked off her career with a fashion trip to Paris and today she is travelling the world, modelling fulltime. With Kelly’s beauty there is no surprise that she was booked by brands as Calvin Klein, Benetton, Max Mara, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Triumph, Guess and many others. Read what she shared with Spotted Style! Kelly on modelling, sport, happiness and life!


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The walking goddess Clarine de Jonge from VDM Model Management in the spotlight!


After we spotted the Dutch pride Clarine de Jonge from VDM Model Management, walking the Dior Resort 2016 show, we had the incredible chance to interview her! The successful stunning Dutch model is 16 years old, born and living in Bussum and also modelling for Women Management (Paris), Women Milan and Select Model Management (London). Alberta Ferretti, Cristopher Kane, Erdem, Antonio Berardi, Calvin Klein, Valentino Haute Couture, Dior Haute Couture, Elie Saab, Doce & Gabbana and Gucci are some of the big fashion houses that have booked Clarine for fashion shows which only proves the big demand for her unique model look. With the great start of her modelling career and special face, Clarine has a reserved place in our spotlight and we are sure she will give us many reasons to call her a Dutch Pride again and spot her in the future at our favourite designers’ runways! The catwalk goddess Clarine in the spotlight!



Stijn de Jongh from IAmELK in the spotlight!


Today we have a philosophical rock n roll, denim lover, big helper, spiritual seeker, a true Kinder Bueno lover and much more in our spotlight! Stijn de Jongh from IAmELK agency! Our new spotted model is 24 years old, born in Haarlem and grew up in Eindhoven. Stijn is currently living in Amsterdam, fulltime modelling and studying life. Passionate about fitness, spirituality and music, Stijn grabbed our attention with his different personality and deep sense of humanity. Describing him can’t be limited in a few sentences, so you better read what he shared with us about his life and personal believes. Keep on following Stijn because he just turned into one of our favorite spotted models and we bet one of yours too after you read his full interview. Stijn de Jongh in the spotlight!

stijn8b (more…)

Spotted! Tony de Vink from Max Models!


We interviewed a few faces from Max Models and today we are introducing you the first one! Tony de Vink in the spotlight! He is 25 years old, born in Zaanstad and currently living in Amsterdam. Tony’s creative personality likes modelling, dancing, drawing and is passionate about interior design. Started modelling an year ago, the first big show he did was during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Friends, family and small things make Tony feel full of happiness. Tony’s favorite city is London and moving there will be one of his next steps. Do you want to know more about him? Read his full interview!



Spotted! Fay from OMG Model Management!


One more OMG Model Management beauty in our spotlight! Meet the lovely Fay de Vries! She born and living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and doing animals related study in Wellant College. Fay jumped into the modelling world at the day when she went to The Model Convention last year. After having 10 call-backs, she chose to sign with OMG Model Management which she calls her family right now. Read what else she shared with Spotted Style! Fay in the spotlight!


Marianna van Leeuwen, actress in the spotlight!


Today we have a new precious diamond, shining bright in our spotlight! A while ago in Amsterdam we spotted a new beauty. If you meet her, you would probably think the same as we did, that she is a model! Long wavy hair, pretty face, charming smile, long legs and her model look! Her name is Marianna van Leeuwen! We couldn’t miss the chance to talk to her and our ‘model’ guess was very close to the truth! Marianna is an actress and definitely a fashion icon. We spotted her wearing Chanel boy bag, Chanel shoes. She has a style and knows how to create the perfect outfit for every occasion. Amazed by her charm and personality, the few minutes with made us curious to find out more about her acting career and a bit later we had a meeting with her at the Sky Lounge at Double Tree Hilton in Amsterdam. We spent the whole day with Marianna, having some girls time! Before we went to check the new collections of our favorite fashion brands, we asked her a few questions about her acting career. Read what our new star in the spotlight shared with us! Marianna in the spotlight!


Hi, Marianna. Would you share with our Spotted Style followers what are your biggest hobies and passions?
My biggest hobby is acting! I also adore dancing, singing, fitness and if I have the time, I really enjoy cooking with my mother. Spending time with my friends and family is important for me.

What does acting mean to you?
Acting is kind of like being in another world. But, I think that’s very logical because most of the time you’re not your own character and that’s what I like the most of it. I use emotions and say things that I normally don’t or not at all would use and that’s funny because you see yourself from a very different perspective. I’m always trying to improve myself, but it’s also a goal to become a better actress. (more…)