Spotted Dutchies on Kingsday!


Hello, Dutch Spotted Stylers!
We hope you all had an amazing time celebrating the second Koningsdag! Besides partying, yesterday we had another mission- to spot Dutch models, celebrating the national holiday! So around the streets, parks and canals full of people dressed in orange, music and open-air fun, we saw many familiar faces that smiled at our Spotted Style camera! See how Nadina and our spotted friends Shona Lee Gal, Joyce Bakker, Anouk Schouten, Melody Vroom, Lois Schindeler, Floortje Bunschoten, Mara and Camille, Marjan Jonkman, Max Heinsbroek, Elise Jade, Eline van den Bergh and Coco Tijsma celebrated Kingsday!



Nadina from  Spotted Style in Amsterdam



Joyce Bakker from Micha Models



Anouk Schouten (De Boekers)


 Shona Lee Gal from Future Faces Model Management and her boyfriend Roderick

Camille and Mara

Camille and Mara from Elite Amsterdam

Marjan Jonkman

Marjan Jonkman from Paul Fisher


 Lois Schindeler from Elite Amsterdam and her boyfriend Tom Cornelisse



Max Heinsbroek (on the right) from Tjarda Model Management with friends

Elise Jade

Elise Jade from De Boekers and friends


Eline van den Bergh from Q’s Models


Melody Vroom


Melody Vroom from Future Faces Model Management


Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management and friends



Floortje Bunschoten from Elite Amsterdam