”The one(S)” – by Nadina

Some people collect shoes, bags, hats and all kind of things you can think of and looks like I am turning into a potential future iPhone case collector! It all started when I wanted to get a safe, strong and beautiful looking case for my phone (that gets more attention than everybody else in my life). I looked probably in every possible store where they would sell the nicest phone cases on Kalverstraat but after a few hours of ”case searching”  for ”the one”, I went home disappointed. Without a case as you may guess. So my loved iPhone was still in danger! If you know me, you would know what that means because I am not the best example how to keep your things safe, so trust me, I needed one! Or maybe more, because probably ”the one” was going to be broken soon (Oepsss) Yes, I am dropping a lot of things on the floor! Sometimes my phone as well. /Drop it like it’s hot!/

Anyways, the struggle was real but I did not gave up. Next day I went looking for ”the one” again!This time at de Bijenkorf and looks like I found a few that were ”the one” for me. Moschino’s Capsule Collection Barbie (yes, I still love Barbie! #kid #for #life), Golden Marc by Marc Jacobs and one more from the Ready to Bear Collection by Jeremy Scott. Love at first sight, so I got them all to prevent the chance of getting bored! Too much is never enough! Plus my birthday is coming so I had to buy myself a little present and my phone got spoiled! Take a look at my favorite picks! You can find them all at de Bijenkorf and shop them online here ! Which is your favorite one?