Spotted! Thom from Republic Men!


Hello, Spotted Stylers! Are you wondering who is the next model in the spotlight? Fashion weeks are over but not the news around them! After Jordy Baan, we spotted one more face from Republic Men and this is Thom! He was spotted in Milan Fashion week and Paris Fashion week! Let us give you a closer look to his life and personality! He is 17 years old, born in The Hague and living in Amsterdam. Thom is also modelling for WhyNot (Milano) and OtherManagement (Paris). Besides working as a model, he is doing a business study at Amsterdam International Community School. Sport, travelling and exploring are part of the list with his passions. Do you want to know more about his life? Read the interview with Thom and stay tuned for more news about him!



Roadtrip! by Cynthia Baremans


On top of Table mountain!

Aaaaaahhh time flies! This week passed by so quickly.
It’s so nice to have my parents here, and I spend a lot of time with them. Since they have a car, it’s so much easier to get around. Last Friday we went to boulders beach, where I made some new friends…Penguins! Last weekend we also drove to Gordon’s Bay, here we just relaxed at the beach for a few hours and then drove to Hermanus. This little town is about two hours drive from Cape Town and very popular in October, then it’s the season to spot Whales. On Sunday we went up Table mountain, such a beautiful view!

Dreams come true!


Today is a big day and definitely one of the best ones  for me and Spotted Style! You may already heard the news, but in case you haven’t let me share the happiness  with you! Spotted Style is officially a company! Yes! 

It happened and I am full of happiness and excitement for this new journey! Thanks to all the people who believed in me and Spotted Style! Thanks to my amazing, loving parents and my brother who are always there for me and remind me how strong I am! Big thanks to Martin who did all  the work for the new page, which I totally love! Thanks to all the Spotted models who supported me and are part of that! I feel blessed and I am happy to call you friends!

Trust the magic, because dreams come true! On to the next one!


Bart van Maanen in the spotlight!


The new start of Spotted Style comes with a new star in our spotlight! A gentleman who goes automatically to the list with our best spotted models! Do you recognize Mr Handsome’s smiling face behind the black sunglasses? Let us reveal the secret and take you on a short journey in his life! Spotted Style was honored to interview Bart van Maanen from Touche models! The successful Dutch model is 26 years old, born in Breda, the Netherlands. If you wonder where is his current place of living, the answer hides between London, Amsterdam, LA and New York! Life is not meant to be lived in one place, right? Bart is also modelling for New York Models (New York), Established (London), New Madison (Paris), Kult (Hamburg) and I love (Milan)! Worked for big-name brands as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ermenegildo Zegna, Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger, there is no wonder why he is on the rise . And that is not all, besides his busy life he also just started Pop-Up Fitness. Organising Fitness Retreats abroad to enjoy in luxury and train like a beast to kickstart you healthy lifestyle! Upcoming Pop-Up Fitness Retreat is in Ibiza and there are still a few places available, so better be fast! We are sure you want to know more about today’s star, so keep on reading! Bart on life, career and happiness!


Spotted! Our Dutch pride: Kim Jaspers

We are very excited that today’s Spotted Girl is 21 years old top model Kim Jaspers! We have seen our busy Dutchie in every international Fashion Week lately. From Amsterdam, New York, Milan to now in Paris. With 6 (!) agencies (Ulla Models Amsterdam/Brussels, Ford Models Paris/New York, Supa Models London, MD Models Hamburg, Diva Models Denmark, Model Pool Dusseldorf) we can see how busy she must be, and the more lucky we feel  that she made time for an interview with us!

Her big brown eyes can’t hide what a sweet person she is. And also very enterprising! Kim loves to write, which she does together with her (also gorgeous!) sister Kelly. We Heart Fashion is a platform about the latest fashion trends and Kim’s modelling adventures.



Maartje Verhoef spotted at Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 RTW Runway


Catwalk queen Maartje Verhoef from Micha Models was spotted again rocking the runaway, this time for Dolce & Gabbana! Pastel colors, drawings printed on clothes, red roses and a lot of gold was spotted in the new collection of the Italian brand. We associate the red flowers with a special day (it is a tradition in Italy and other countries to give red roses on Mother’s Day). Maartje is wearing a beautiful dress of the new fall 2015 ready to wear collection in pale pink colour, combined with nude high heels and golden detail on them. Read Stefanno Gabbana’s words to find out why mothers and their sweet babies were part of the fashion show and what role ”mama” has in the new collection of the fashion house.

“The word mama is not fashion—of course it’s not. It means love, forever. Who do you call when something goes wrong? Your mother. Who do you call when you’re excited? Your mother. We took all our ideas from children—it’s about the family, and love. Fashion is important, yes—but we wanted to give something real, not just cold clothes, clothes, clothes. Everything is so fast now— but via fashion, you can talk about things that have a bigger meaning. Domenico and I have only been doing this for 30 years because we love it. I’m not a therapist, I do fashion. We live in dark times. But we want to remind everyone that with love, you you can change everything.” (more…)

Surprise, Surprise!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all had a great week!
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to post a blog last week. Apparently there’s a virus going around in Cape Town, and guess who got it? ME!.. Not cool!
I had a really bad fever and my whole body was hurting, I couldn’t leave my bed for 5 days! And with 42 degrees it wasn’t really getting better. The doctor came to see me and gave me an injection (AUW!) and some medication. Luckily my roommates were so sweet and taking care of me! After 7 days I finally felt better again.
In the weekend I didn’t really do much, I was still recovering. I did meet with two friends from Holland, so that was really nice!
On Sunday I was on Skype with my sister and she was asking me what my plans were for Monday.. And then she told me she had to tell me something.. But instead of telling me, her boyfriend send me a text message with a ticket. And then they told me my parents were on their way to CAPE TOWN!! I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised and soooo happy of course! The next day I went to the airport to pick them up and brought them to their hotel. They will be here for 15 days, so we can spend a lot of time together! I’m really excited to show them around
On Tuesday I took them for breakfast at Skinny Legs, of course they loved it! We also rented a car and are planning some nice trips for next week.


Spotted! Robina Breevaart from Micha Models!


New face in our spotlight! Can you guess which agency this beauty is modelling for? Robina Serena Breevaart is the new face of Micha Models and as you know Joyce, Lesley, Lois and Jamilla are one of our favorite girls and now we have a new one! The spotted model is 15 years old, born in the Netherlands and currently living in Denmark! Robina is also modelling for Woman Management Paris and Woman Management Milan! Her different beauty caught our attention and there she goes, Robina in our spotlight! She just started modelling and we will follow her during her new journey and we are sure it will be big and bright!