Spotted! The New Pop-Up Fitness Destination: SAN AUGUSTINE, IBIZA


Hello Spotted Stylers,

Are you ready for the weekend? We have something special for you today! We all need a vacation once in a while and if you are looking for a beautiful place for relaxation and an extraordinary experience, we spotted the best retreat for you! Our friend Bart van Maanen started Pop- Up Fitness and our Spotted Style followers are invited to get a special discount! If you want a ‘’take me away’’ plane ticket to a dream destination or you want to surprise and reward yourself and your other half, we have what you need and it is Pop- Up Fitness Retreat in Ibiza! Some of the best memories are made in the summer and even our favorite season is not here yet, you don’t have to wait for it to make them! Let your mind wander and nature entertain you in Ibiza! Take a look at the webpage of the Pop-Up Fitness, offering several different services, always uniquely tailored to the client.

Spotted Style has been specially invited to:
The New Pop-Up Fitness Destination: SAN AUGUSTINE, IBIZA

“A perfectly blended week of “tough love” combining luxury, culture and fitness in the world’s most glamorous places.”
As a friend of Spotted Style you are personally invited with a 20 % discount to Pop-Up Fitness’ newly released health & fitness retreats; April & May 2015.

“We are featuring an amazing 7-day detox and rejuvenation program. A healthy balance of deliciously prepared clean eating from award winning chefs, calming yoga, pilates and inspiring hiking routes through the unspoiled countryside of Ibiza. On top of that, daily high intensity bootcamps are uniquely tailored by two personal trainers. With the use of equipment such as TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes and boxercise, we will cater to your every need during your stay.
We are preparing for you, an extraordinary week of complete health and wellness at Ibiza’s most exclusive property. With the promise of dramatic health benefits to take home with you – no extra cost!”

Please contact Bart van Maanen to enquire about availability and the discount you can acquire from receiving this personal invitation exclusively for Spotted Style and Friends.
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