Spotted! Our Dutch pride: Kim Jaspers

We are very excited that today’s Spotted Girl is 21 years old top model Kim Jaspers! We have seen our busy Dutchie in every international Fashion Week lately. From Amsterdam, New York, Milan to now in Paris. With 6 (!) agencies (Ulla Models Amsterdam/Brussels, Ford Models Paris/New York, Supa Models London, MD Models Hamburg, Diva Models Denmark, Model Pool Dusseldorf) we can see how busy she must be, and the more lucky we feel  that she made time for an interview with us!

Her big brown eyes can’t hide what a sweet person she is. And also very enterprising! Kim loves to write, which she does together with her (also gorgeous!) sister Kelly. We Heart Fashion is a platform about the latest fashion trends and Kim’s modelling adventures.


Can you describe yourself with a few words?
Honest, helpful and friendly.

How did you start your modelling career?
A family member of mine, who is a photographer, made some pictures of me and asked me if she could send them to a modelling agency.

Where do you live?
Right now I’m in Paris for Fashion week but I’m still based in the Netherlands. Last two months I’ve worked in New York, London, Milan and Paris. During these two months I lived with a lot of other girls in model apartments, which is (most of the time) a lot of fun! But to be honest, after two months of living together with other girls it’s really nice to have my own apartment here in Paris haha!


How do you stay in touch with your family and friends?
Thank god they invented Skype! I’m skyping a lot with my family and friends and during the day I just keep in contact with them via whatsapp or any other social media channel. They support me in every possible way with the sweetest text messages!

We have seen you at New York Fashion Week, Amsterdam Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and now Paris Fashion Week! What is it like to walk all those shows?
It’s a great experience and I’ve never thought that I would do that many shows!! Before fashion week started I made myself some goals and lucky me I’ve achieved them all. Walking shows is great but the whole process before walking one isn’t that easy. You’ve to do a lot of castings, call-backs and fittings, but in the end it’s all worth it.

Kim for Giorgio Armani


Can you tell us a little about your latest show?
As I’m writing this I just finished the Lutz Huelle show in Paris. Sunday evening I received a message from my agency in Paris that I was free today. My first thought: SHOPPING! But suddenly at 12 pm I got a message that I had to go to a fitting that morning for a show in the afternoon and I got confirmed! It was a beautiful show and I was wearing two beautiful outfits. The one with the gold skirt and top was my favourite; unfortunately I couldn’t take it home haha. There were only 12 models, which is not that many because normally there are around 30 models at a show. The collection wasn’t that big but every single piece was beautiful. It’s already Monday and Wednesday is already the last day of fashion week! Time flies when you’re having fun.

What is fashion for you? How would you describe your own style?
Fashion is my work and my passion, perfect combination :-)!! I like to wear comfortable and simple items but I always make sure I’m wearing one eye catcher. (I’m addicted to bags!!!)

Kim for Marie Claire

What is your musthave for the season?
I’m searching for some nice sneakers!!

What does the future hold for you?
No idea, let’s just see and enjoy every moment :)

We know that we will keep hearing from this beauty a lot! And we can’t wait to see what’s jet to come! Stay up to date with Kim’s adventures and follow her on Instagram or go to We Heart Fashion



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