Maartje Verhoef spotted at Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 RTW Runway


Catwalk queen Maartje Verhoef from Micha Models was spotted again rocking the runaway, this time for Dolce & Gabbana! Pastel colors, drawings printed on clothes, red roses and a lot of gold was spotted in the new collection of the Italian brand. We associate the red flowers with a special day (it is a tradition in Italy and other countries to give red roses on Mother’s Day). Maartje is wearing a beautiful dress of the new fall 2015 ready to wear collection in pale pink colour, combined with nude high heels and golden detail on them. Read Stefanno Gabbana’s words to find out why mothers and their sweet babies were part of the fashion show and what role ”mama” has in the new collection of the fashion house.

“The word mama is not fashion—of course it’s not. It means love, forever. Who do you call when something goes wrong? Your mother. Who do you call when you’re excited? Your mother. We took all our ideas from children—it’s about the family, and love. Fashion is important, yes—but we wanted to give something real, not just cold clothes, clothes, clothes. Everything is so fast now— but via fashion, you can talk about things that have a bigger meaning. Domenico and I have only been doing this for 30 years because we love it. I’m not a therapist, I do fashion. We live in dark times. But we want to remind everyone that with love, you you can change everything.”

Photos: Yannis Vlamos

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