Surprise, Surprise!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all had a great week!
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to post a blog last week. Apparently there’s a virus going around in Cape Town, and guess who got it? ME!.. Not cool!
I had a really bad fever and my whole body was hurting, I couldn’t leave my bed for 5 days! And with 42 degrees it wasn’t really getting better. The doctor came to see me and gave me an injection (AUW!) and some medication. Luckily my roommates were so sweet and taking care of me! After 7 days I finally felt better again.
In the weekend I didn’t really do much, I was still recovering. I did meet with two friends from Holland, so that was really nice!
On Sunday I was on Skype with my sister and she was asking me what my plans were for Monday.. And then she told me she had to tell me something.. But instead of telling me, her boyfriend send me a text message with a ticket. And then they told me my parents were on their way to CAPE TOWN!! I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised and soooo happy of course! The next day I went to the airport to pick them up and brought them to their hotel. They will be here for 15 days, so we can spend a lot of time together! I’m really excited to show them around
On Tuesday I took them for breakfast at Skinny Legs, of course they loved it! We also rented a car and are planning some nice trips for next week.

Last week I did miss some casting because I was sick! But the season is almost ending, so now there are not a lot of castings. Of course I’m still going to the castings even though my parents are here. So I’m definitely busy the last two weeks, but also time to ENJOY!
CynthiaSo what are you all up to this weekend? Today I’m planning to go up table mountain with my parents. Tonight I’m having a birthday party from my roommate and tomorrow I go to the “We Love Summer” festival with two roommates! Enjoy your weekendKisses from Cape Town
X Cynthia

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