Spotted! Lieke van der Hoorn from Elite Amsterdam


Definitely one of our favorite new faces of Elite (previously Fresh) is Lieke van der Hoorn! Her long legs seem to never end. And in combination with her beautiful face there is no doubt that this lady will become a star! Not only does she have the looks, her warm and strong personality make give her the total package to reach the top. Victoria Secret her you come girl! 

Describe yourself with a few words:
Girly, sportive, enthusiastic and energetic.

What are your hobbies and biggest passions?
My hobbies are dancing, acting and I like to sport (soccer, running and workouts). My biggest passion is modelling of course.

When and how did you start your modelling career? Were you scouted?
In the spring of 2014 I have joined the modelcamp of Fresh Model Management (now Elite).  After that I did a testshoot and that is how I became a model.

Photo by Alexander van Keulen

Did modelling influence or change your life? If yes, how?
Yes it did. Besides the new and great things I experience, I live a healthier lifestyle and I’m more conscious on working on my future.

Do you walk fashion shows?
Yes I did a show of Django Steenbakker in september 2014 and at the Amsterdam Fashionweek 2015 I did a few shows. It was really exciting and I enjoyed it very much. Specially when i had the honour to close the show of Claes Iversen in a amazing wedding dress.

One thing that you love most about modelling?
To create a photo or show with a team of creative people and to see the results afterwards. 

What is fashion for you? How would you describe your own style?
Fashion is a way to show myself to the world. I have a classy style with a sportive touch.

liekephotoPhoto Mauro Da Silva

What is your must-have for the season?
For me it’s a hat. It makes my outfit complete.

A fact about you that we don’t know?

When I am at home I always wear my black and white dressing – gown.

What makes you happy?
I love to perform. Not only in front of the camera or on the catwalk, but also on stage as a dancer or actress.

Photo by Alexander van Keulen

Who is your favorite model?
I follow a lot of my favorite models, but especially Romee Strijd is a big example for me. She is very beautiful and powerfull and she trains hard for her amazing body.

The things that are worth fighting for are..?
Health and happiness for my family and friends and of course for myself.

How do you imagine the future, what does it hold for you?
When I have finished high school I want to become a fulltime model and travel all around the world, working with incredible designers. I hope to become a topmodel. My biggest dream is to walk the Victoria’s Secret Show!

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