Teenage dream – By Cynthia Baremans

picHello everyone!
Hope you all had a great week! Last Saturday I went out for dinner with some of my housemates, at this cute place called cafe Paradiso. Sunday was just relaxed at the beach, that’s what Sunday’s are for right!This week was actually not that busy as other weeks. It’s almost the end of the month and now most of the companies are shooting their collection/campaigns or commercials. 

I started my Monday good with a morning workout and from there I took the bus to town. I was meeting with two housemates for coffee (at Skinny Legs of course!) and then I had one casting for cosmetics.

roomWednesday I went to see my agency in the morning and went to two castings afterwards. One was for a music video. At this casting I had to introduce myself en had to act together with another girl that we were at a pool party. And I booked this job! Later in the afternoon I had a casting for outdoor clothes.

modelToday I was shooting for the music video. I had to meet the crew at 8 am at the office. The music video was for a boyband from Ireland. It was actually really funny! We drove 20/30 minutes to a house were we start shooting. There were 6 boys in the band and we were also with 6 girls! I felt like a teenager again, since I was one of the oldest girls Grijnzend gezichtje met lachende ogen the guys from the band were between 17 and 20.
Shooting a music video is of course different then other jobs I usually do, but definitely fun!

The house was really nice, beautiful garden with a pool. I just had to hang around the pool with the other girls, having drinks. Then we had a water balloon fight and were jumping into the pool. So just pretending we were having a party.. Sounds like hard work right?
The boyband is also shooting at other places in Cape Town. But I was just in this part.. So this was pretty much my “working” day.

locationNow it’s weekend again! Tonight we are having a dinner at our house with all the girls! Tomorrow afternoon I have one casting and the rest of the weekend free to relax! 

Kisses from Cape Town

-xx- Cynthia


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