Lights, camera, ACTION! – By Cynthia Baremans

selfieIt’s fridaaaaayy! Last weekend I went to the Old Biscuit Mill with some of my housemates, which was really nice! At this market they sell all kinds of food, so we had a delicious breakfast there. The rest of the weekend we relaxed and on Sunday I had another casting for PUMA. 

On Monday I had a meeting at the agency. There was an agency from Hamburg who is scouting for new models. There are more agencies from other countries who come here to scout. It was just a quick meeting, show her my book and she made a few pictures.

In the evening I got a call from my agency that I was booked for the new PUMA campaign!!! For Tuesday and Wednesday, I was sooooo excited!! I couldn’t believe I actually booked the job, during the casting there were so many models. I guess hard work pays off.


On Tuesday morning at 9 am I met the crew. I think we were with about 20/25 people in total. Models, people from the production company, people from the office in Germany and Boston, stylist, make-up artist, the photographer and assistants. So this was a pretty big job, we were shooting the new fall/winter campaign WORLDWIDE!! Which means that the pictures will be published all over the world. I’m already so excited for that!


We were working with 7 models on Tuesday, 4 girls and 3 guys. The shooting was on location, so we drove all over Cape Town to shoot at different places. At the first location I was one of the first models who went into hair & make-up. We were driving around town with four cars (mini buses) and one of the cars was the production car. Here there was place to change and to do hair & make-up. This shoot was totally different then what I have done before, not really posing but just being active! I had to run, climb up stairs, walk etc. Some guys were riding a bike or were on a skateboard. It was one of the hottest days in Cape Town so far, so it was extremely hot to walk/run around in winter clothes!

In some of the photos I was alone, and sometimes with the other models. I was in a lot of shots, so that was really cool! We ended the first day at the Cape Town high school, basketball court. Here we did also a group shot, and we finished when it was getting dark (around 8 pm).

Wednesday morning we started at 8 am. At the first location they did my hair, braids! When we went to the second location, they started with my make-up. We stayed at the second location for a few hours, since we were shooting  a lot of different looks there. Luckily on Wednesday it was not that hot. All the outfits were really cool and also the locations where we were shooting! 


We had a delicious lunch at the second location and then we went to the third location. It was in town, on a rooftop! I made a short video of that place and posted it on my Instagram. Afterwards we went to the last location, and there we did the last looks. We finished again around 8 pm and made one group pictures with the whole crew. The shoot was so much fun!! The crew was great, we could all get along really well! This makes working so much easier. 

They also interviewed the models, asked us some short question what we like to do in our free time. Then they write that next to our picture in the look book. It’s really nice that they make it more personal.

modelThis is definitely one of the highlight in my modelling career so far! I’m really happy I got this job. The pictures will probably come out July/August, since it’s for the new fall/winter collection. So wherever you are in the world, don’t forget to take a look at the new PUMA collection!

Today I have two request castings, one for Sarie magazine and one for Healhty magazine. Then it’s time to enjoy the weekend! What are you all up to? 

Have a great weekend! 

Kisses from Cape Town 

xxx Cynthia

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