Cosmo-Girl by Cynthia Baremans

Hi everyone, 

Another week passed by in Cape Town, time to enjoy the weekend now!

My week started great with my shooting for Cosmopolitan magazine! Although I was a little nervous, because the shoot was for colored contact lenses. During the casting they asked me if I have a problem wearing contacts, of course I said confidently “no problem!” To be honest I never tried! So on Sunday I asked one of my housemates who actually wears contacts, to show me how it works. It looked so easy.. Until I tried!! First I couldn’t get the contact in, once I got it in my eye.. I lost it! Eventually I got it out.. But I was a bit worried for the next day! 

Monday morning I woke up early and arrived at the studio at 8:15 am. The photographer and the make-up artist arrived at the same time. There was one other woman who works for Cosmopolitan and one girl from New York who did the styling. We started immediately with make-up and hair while the photographer was preparing the lights in the studio, and the stylist was hanging up her clothes. The make-up and hair was really nice, just natural. The first shot was without contacts, so later you can see all the different looks in the magazine. It were all head shots, from the side and straight into the camera. Then we continued with the colored contacts, I had to wear 5 different colors. I don’t know how I managed it, but I got them in and out myself within a few seconds! Like I already do it for years!

It was really nice to see all the different colors. The make-up artist changed the make-up a few times, so I had a few different looks. The people were really nice and happy with the result! I’m excited to see all the pictures together in the magazine. It will be in the new April issue, which comes out in March.  


Than back to castings! Tuesday I had a casting for a jewelry company and a funny casting for McDonalds commercial. During that casting I had to act like I was a princess who had never ate a hamburger, and tried it for the first time! 

Today I had a casting for Coca Cola, that was very nice! But again.. Waiting  a long time. Afterwards I had another casting for Old Spice commercial. During these castings I had to introduce myself: name, age and agency. And they made a few pictures.

numberI’m already one month away from home now, and to be honest I’m not feeling homesick at all. Of course it’s hard to feel homesick while you’re in Cape Town!! But.. It’s not always been like that. My first trip(s) I was homesick a lot! Especially the first week, I usually wanted to go home and started wondering what the hell I was doing?! I had Skype contact with home a lot. Traveling is great, but when you go alone to a place you never been and with people you don’t know.. It’s also quite changeling. I felt kind off lost, had absolutely no idea what a casting was! Now I know how the industry works and what to expect. I’ve learned to live at the place where I am at that moment and to enjoy it! Of course I would lie if I say I don’t miss my friends and family at all. But I’m having a great time here and I know I’ll see them when I get back home <3

seaTomorrow morning I’m going to the Old Biscuit Mill with a few girls. This is a very nice market where you can buy all kinds of food and they have these cute little shops, here you can buy (vintage) clothes, jewellery, souvenirs etc.

On Sunday we might go to a wine tasting, so that will be fun!! 

Have a great weekend!

-xx- Cynthia 

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  1. Cynthia, I like the green contacts best! The one in the first picture (top left). You look so beautiful, natural! You are gorgeous…and such a beautiful person inside too! I hope our paths will cross again soon. Keep up the great work lovely!!! Love, Candida “Candy” Stoutenborough

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