30th of January, Amsterdam, Lood6, ANGEL&MACLEAN SHOWTIME!

Last week Spotted Style was invited to the fashion show of ANGEL&MACLEAN in Amsterdam! We had the chance to interview Chanelva Maclean, the founder and designer of the brand and find out more about her new A/W 2015 ANGEL&MACLEAN collection before we watched the catwalk show! Backstage, the talented designer with positive and inspiring personality, explained that she had been inspired by the 4elements of life: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. ANGEL&MACLEAN is the label for strong individuals with style, between 18 and 30 years old.  



Rutger Diepstra (De Boekers)

We spotted the appearance of many familiar faces walking the show and most of them were from one of our favorite spotted agency De Boekers! Look closely at the photos of the catwalk show and find the spotted faces Rutger Diepstra, Job Schipper, Lucas Reckman and Anouk Schouten, wearing the different looks of ANGEL&MACLEAN! Applause for De Boekers’ models!  Overall, the catwalk was impressive with a great choreography done by the catwalk coach Max Hitipeuw!


Job Schipper (De Boekers)

Chanelva has built successfully a collection for men, women and kids with her own signature and the ANGEL&MACLEAN’s show was one to remember! But the show didn’t stop there! Spotted Style went to the after party of ANGEL&MACLEAN and had a lot of fun! After we got a close look to ANGEL&MACLEAN, we are one of its new biggest fans! Go on a fashion trip on to get your new inspiration for your wardrobe! We already have it!

Standing ovation for ANGEL&MACLEAN!


Backstage with Anouk Schouten (De Boekers)


Lucas Reckman (De Boekers)

 Photos by  Juliane Falk, Jesaja Hizkia Hutubessy



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