Life in Capetown – By Cynthia

Hello again! 

Last Friday we had such a fun night out in Cape Town, although I did need to recover for two days… And then it was Monday again! My Monday morning started dancing around in bikini during a commercial casting, just an ordinary day! Normally all the castings are in studios, inside, with a lot of people and I wait for a long time.. But on Tuesday I had a casting close to my house at a beautiful location: Clarendon guesthouse. Very comforting to wait around with a beautiful view.

1Getting around in Cape Town is not as easy as in any other town. Here they obviously don’t have trains or tubes. So let’s take the bus! They do have normal buses here, but also mini buses who are completely packed with local people and not really with tourists. I usually take these mini buses, you pay only R7 (€0,52) and they bring you to town. Of course I kind of stand out when I take this mini bus (pale skin, blond hair). It’s quite funny! They play loud music and they scream out of the car, to get as many people in the bus. Every day is a little adventure!

On Wednesday I had a callback for KitKat!! This means they make a selection of people they want to see again and then they make their final decision. I would love to get this job! But it was not just me. And when I arrived I got my number back that I had at the casting, I was number 128 but their was also a guy with number 1686… Just to give you a little idea how busy these castings are! Afterwards I went to a casting for Cosmopolitan magazine and today I got confirmed for the job! Yayyyyy!! This shoot wil be on Monday so in my next blog I’ll tell you all about it!

One of my housemates and I decided to climbed up Lions Head Mountain that evening, because the full moon was coming up! We walked from our house all the way to the top of the mountain. It took about 1 hour and 15min. We had a little picnic on the top and watched the sunset, then we saw the moon coming from behind the clouds. It was AMAZING!!


Tursday was a busy day again, I woke up early to get to all my castings. One was for PUMA, another one for Garnier and two commercial castings. At one casting I had to ride a bike, which was easy for me of course. Until the casting director started to ask me all these questions while I was riding through the studio.. It made me a little nervous but luckily it went well! I was actually really tired after that day.All the castings are at different times and you walk around town a lot! But while I’m waiting for the next casting, I usually get a coffee somewhere. Sometimes with one of my housemates, since we have a group what’s app together! So we can stay in touch all day.

modelAfter three weeks you see that things in the house are also changing. Everybody gets along very well and we are planning things together. Even on a normal Tuesday night we were all together at home and enjoying a glass of wine (or 2).
Tomorrow we’re having a pool party at our house again. This time another girl is going to celebrate her birthday here. So that’s gonna be fun!

Stay tuned for next week, I’ll give you all the ins and outs of my shoot!

Enjoy your weekend!

-xx- Cynthia

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