Spotted! The Absurdist by Marlou Breuls

backstage Photo by Andy Astfalck

Last week Spotted Style was invited to see the collection of the young designer Marlou Breuls and we enjoyed watching her opening the fashion show at Posthoornkerk  from the front row! We spotted Marlou’s great performance and  we also had the chance to go backstage and spot the beautiful models Sterre Claus and Isa Stoepker from Elite Amsterdam, Eline van der Bergh and Lydia Edel! Emmy Klomp took care of the beautiful make up of the girls who girls walked the show, wearing the collection of Marlou! The meeting with her inspired us and we cannot wait to tell you more about her! Marlou is studying Design at AMFI and she is 3rd year student. Before the show started we had the chance to talk with her and she told us more about herself and her collection! Marlou Breuls in our spotlight!


She is living in Amsterdam and studying Design at AMFI. We asked Marlou if AMFI changed her life and the answer to our question was: ‘’AMFI rules my life!”  and everything she does is related to her career and the fashion school. Fashion is big part of her life and she doesn’t mind putting all her energy into it. While telling us more about her work, Marlou talks about her collection with big passion and smile on her face! The collection of Marlou is called The Absurdist. Now we guess that you will start wondering and will want to know more about her concept, right? We had the same question marks when we heard the provocative name of her collection. Read what she shared about it in the following lines…


Backstage with Sterre, Isa and Lydia

The Absurdist is about contrasting elements. It is about making not so beautiful things, look beautiful and it is a sort of total with different styles which all forms into one piece, one collection and it is about showing people  something that usually they don’t like, but now in a way they will like it. The process of creating the collection started with working on a concept, designing the outfits which took Marlou around 9 weeks and she did it all by herself.  Marlou shared it was very useful because if you get help by other people, you don’t get the things you want because they do it the way they see it, not the way you do. The young designer used strange fabrics that make the collection contrasting, with sort of elegance and kind of disturbing note. The siluetes are very classic because she used historical shapes and white skirts but with the raw material to define the absurdist.  Marlou also used second hand fur, leather with different prints on it and another kind of leather. Some of it very shiny and it looks like it is wet but it is not.  The materials are all very strange but combined together in a very attractive way.

For Marlou fashion is a way to express how she sees the world and a way to tell something about herself without using words. She definitely succeeds and did it because we left the show speechless! Standing ovation for Marlou Breuls and the Absurdist!

Models Fabienne Jongen and Zilla van der Born
Makeup and hair by Emmy Klomp
Photography by Carlijn Jacobs

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