Spotted! Going to the woods, is going home LINK Magazine


We are busy with the Fashion Week but we still keep our eyes open for new editorials and here is the next one in our spotlight! Going to the woods, is going home – Link Magazine! And if you wonder who is the team behind the spotted photoshoot, let us tell you! The model is Rutger from De Boekers and it’s no surprise, because De Boekers is the agency that is daily in our spotlight! The photos are taken by Martijn Senders and the fashionable styling is done by Juan Valazques Caceres who did a good combination between the labels ( Jonathan Christopher Homme, Filippa K, HUGO, BLK DNM, G-Star Raw by Marc Newson, Denham and Asos). Grooming by Yokaw. Well done, team!

And nowit’s time for Spotted Style to go backstage at the next fashion show! Fashion Week is calling and we have to go! Stay tuned!


Spotted! Dido Jakel from OMG Model Management!

After meeting OMG Model Management, we also met some of its models. One of them is Dido Jakel! The rising Dutch model is almost 16 years old, born in Maastricht and living in Rotterdam. We spent some time with Dido but it didn’t take long until she turned into one of our new friends and favourite faces of OMG Model Management. Sweet, positive and always smiling Dido gave her first interview for Spotted Style! After dreaming for being a model, looks like her dream came true and there she goes! Dido shines bright in our spotlight and looks like she will be in the spotlights for long! Are you curious to know about her career as a successful model? Stay tuned and follow all the news about her on Spotted Style! She definitely has future as a model and we are sure it is big and bright!

Backstage report of Romana Meijer at iNDiViDUALS



Romana from Elite Amsterdam walked the great Individuals show! And the editors of Spotted Style had the great honor to see Romana and many more familiar faces walk. Curious of what day was like? Read her backstage report here :)



Spotted! Lisa- Your Green Guide!


Seeking new healthy inspiration that matches our lifestyle, met us with the right person who can provide us with the best green recipes! We guess you are curious to find out who is she? Her name is Lisa, she is 23 years old, living in Amsterdam and she is the founder of the successful blog called Your Green Guide! Lisa is positive, creative, full of enthusiasm and passionate for what she is doing! Say ‘’Hello’’ to your new Green Guide! (and for sure your future favorite one)! And if you are looking for the best source of healthy recipes that will make your daily life more delicious, you just found it! Lisa’s colorful blog is on the top of the list with our favorite ones! Read more about Lisa’s life, passions, inspiration and follow her blog for daily delicious recipes that will help you stay in perfect shape and keep you healthy!



Spotted Style meets OMG Model Management! Casting time with Dido, Elske and Philine!


After spotting Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management, we got in contact with her agency. We are happy to hear that the owners of OMG Model Management Vincent De Ville and Zia Wagner will be in Amsterdam!  Spotted Style was invited to meet them at their office and we love to hear more about the agency and its models. OMG Model Management has offices in 5 countries and one of them was opened in Amsterdam a year ago! We took a look at the book with all the girls and spotted the face of our lovely Coco! She was discovered by OMG Model Management at The Model Convention last year and right now she is in Tokyo. If you wonder how her daily life as a model looks like, watch her vlogs on Spotted Style! The young Dutch model is recording special videos and reports for you from Tokyo! A few days after we met OMG Model Management, we were invited to attend one of the castings of the agency. Bookers from big model agency from London came to meet some of the girls who are based in the Netherlands and are represented by OMG Model Management. At the casting we met the lovely Dido, Philine and Elske and as you may guess, we took the chance and interviewed them! The casting with the agency from London went very well and the bookers were more than impressed by the Dutch beauties! Do you wonder what will follow? Stay tuned to read the interviews with these three lovely faces from OMG Model Management and follow Coco Tijsma and her vlogs on Spotted Style!

Spotted! Eva Hooft from Tjarda Model Management!


Last few days we are busy with Amsterdam Fashion week and looks like the forecast for the next few days will look the same! Fashion shows and backstage! Meanwhile, we spotted one more amazing face for our spotlight and next Dutch model that grabbed our attention is Eva Hooft! She is 17years old, born and living in Groningen, The Netherlands. Eva is modelling for Tjarda Model Management and we had the chance to interview her! Which fashion shows she walked and how modelling influenced her lifestyle?  If you want to know more about our spotted beauty, keep on reading the following lines! Eva Hooft for Spotted Style! (more…)

A lucky number – By Cynthia

Hello again! My first full week in Cape Town has been really busy! Monday started with three castings. I’ll be talking a lot about castings in my blog, so let me explain what happens during these castings.
It depends for what it is, last week I had a lot of commercial castings. When you arrive at the casting you need to sign in with your name and then you get a number… And wait in line.
When your number is up, you go inside and you have to introduce yourself to the camera. You have to say your name, age and agency. Then the casting director will tell you what to do. Normally during a commercial casting you have to act. For example, last week I had a casting for KitKat (chocolate) and had to pretend I was on a rooftop with friends, having drinks and eating KitKat. I actually enjoy these castings, I like acting as well!photo

Spotted Style reports from INIT, iNDiViDUALS by AMFI A/W 15-16 in the spotlight!

Yesterday Nadina Gorano (editor-in-chief) was spotted at the fashion show of iNDiViDUALS at AMFI at INIT, Amsterdam! We spotted a lot of familiar faces and enjoyed the fashion show from the front row! Spotted Style team reports for all its followers! Stay tuned! More coming tomorrow! 


Spotted in London! Sam Donders, the Raving Reporter!


Staying true to our mission and sticking to the rule to spot fashion dictators of good taste, met us with the right one and she is called Sam Donders! After we spotted her a long ago, we kept on following her blog for our daily outfit inspiration. A few days ago we had the chance to interview her and there she goes! Miss Blogger for Spotted Style! Sam answered our questions and told us more about her life and how she runs the blog www.ravingreporter.comBefore you check her webpage, make sure you are aware of the possible consequences that may happen after visiting the blog! They are:

finding your new fashion inspiration source
getting strong and uncontrollable desire to shop until you drop
discovering your new favorite blog to follow
And the last one – getting an instant smile on your face, because Sam’s one is kind of contagious!

So, think twice and if you can deal with the side effects of jumping into the world of the Raving Reporter Sam, go ahead and join the club of fashion addicts! Sam Donders on the spotlight coming soon! Stay tuned and rave on!

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