Spotted Style meets OMG Model Management! Casting time with Dido, Elske and Philine!


After spotting Coco Tijsma from OMG Model Management, we got in contact with her agency. We are happy to hear that the owners of OMG Model Management Vincent De Ville and Zia Wagner will be in Amsterdam!  Spotted Style was invited to meet them at their office and we love to hear more about the agency and its models. OMG Model Management has offices in 5 countries and one of them was opened in Amsterdam a year ago! We took a look at the book with all the girls and spotted the face of our lovely Coco! She was discovered by OMG Model Management at The Model Convention last year and right now she is in Tokyo. If you wonder how her daily life as a model looks like, watch her vlogs on Spotted Style! The young Dutch model is recording special videos and reports for you from Tokyo! A few days after we met OMG Model Management, we were invited to attend one of the castings of the agency. Bookers from big model agency from London came to meet some of the girls who are based in the Netherlands and are represented by OMG Model Management. At the casting we met the lovely Dido, Philine and Elske and as you may guess, we took the chance and interviewed them! The casting with the agency from London went very well and the bookers were more than impressed by the Dutch beauties! Do you wonder what will follow? Stay tuned to read the interviews with these three lovely faces from OMG Model Management and follow Coco Tijsma and her vlogs on Spotted Style!

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