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Seeking new healthy inspiration that matches our lifestyle, met us with the right person who can provide us with the best green recipes! We guess you are curious to find out who is she? Her name is Lisa, she is 23 years old, living in Amsterdam and she is the founder of the successful blog called Your Green Guide! Lisa is positive, creative, full of enthusiasm and passionate for what she is doing! Say ‘’Hello’’ to your new Green Guide! (and for sure your future favorite one)! And if you are looking for the best source of healthy recipes that will make your daily life more delicious, you just found it! Lisa’s colorful blog is on the top of the list with our favorite ones! Read more about Lisa’s life, passions, inspiration and follow her blog for daily delicious recipes that will help you stay in perfect shape and keep you healthy!


Hi, Lisa! Can you introduce yourself and tell our Spotted Style followers more about you?
Off course! My name is Lisa, I am 23 years old and I live in Amsterdam. I am a big enthusiast of plant-based foods. Mainly raw vegan foods. This means I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds & sprouts! I noticed more and more people becoming interested in this way of living & eating so I started blogging about it on
How did you come up with the idea of Your green guide? How would you describe your blog?
Well I started eating healthier about 2 to 3 years ago when I when I wasn’t feeling very well. I started to study diet and nutrition more closely and also started to get to know more about animal wellbeing. This vegan/plant-based lifestyle is representing exactly who I am; compassionate, kind and fruitful:)
By nurturing yourself with the right foods you can easily lose weight, get a great skin and most of all: feel great. More energy, better sleep, clearer mind! With my blog I like to inspire people to eat more plant-based foods. I think fruit is the most prettiest food you can eat, so I like to show this to people with nice photos. Next to this I also have lots of healthy recipes for smoothies, juices, salads & soups.

What is your favourite cuisine?
I love sophisticated French recipes and tasteful Italian dishes. Quite interesting choice considering the fact that I eat lots of raw vegan foods. I think the best words to describe my favourite cuisine would be: basic, simple, natural, colourful. Simple plant-based ingredients are the best.

What are your hobbies and biggest passions when you are not busy blogging?
Wine & dine, dancing & running! I love, love, love music & friends. Nothing better than a good chat with your best friend(s) and finishing the evening dancing. I also like to visit markets.


What is blogging for you? How would you describe your personal style?
I think I would describe my style as clear, fun, colourful and most of all down-to-earth.

I have noticed that the web design of your blog is quite interesting; also the photographs look very professional. Do you get all this done by yourself?
Thank you! Always nice to hearJ Well yes I did everything myself. I like to be creative so I enjoy taking photographs and do some editing now and then.

Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I’ve got some blogs I like to follow, but my main inspiration is from Instagram. And also just a lot of experimenting (especially the smoothies & juices).

Give us 5 facts about you people may not know.
I would love to learn how to play drums (and DJ)
I have a crush on guys when they eat burgers (I know this is weird)
I eat about 8 bananas a day (yes I do)
The best gift I ever got was a Furby (thanks mom)
I would prefer to stand naked in front of a crowd than to sing a song… (cannot sing)


What are your top priorities? What keeps you going?
I like to inspire people to eat more veggies, fruit and to be happy! I also like to read & learn more about these topics. When I learn new things, or experience new things I like to share this with my readers.

How would you define happiness? What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?
Happiness is enjoying and accepting life, having aspirations and being thankful and kind to others and to yourself.In finding happiness it’s all about finding the right balance between thinking/reflecting/accepting your life on one hand, and enjoying life (=living) on the other hand.
How do you imagine the future and what does it hold for you? How do you see Your Green Guide after a few years?
I think I’m gonna write more posts about happiness in the future. Because good health is more than good food. It is also about relationships, thoughts, exercise, rest, self-expression & spirituality. I look forward to get involved in these topics a little bit more further. And off course more fruity recipes will be posted as well!

If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Go eat a banana.
O god, I would suck being a beauty pageant….


Do you have some tips for bloggers who are just starting?
Yes! Make sure you write the blog for YOU! Your first and main goal shouldn’t be to become a famous huge blogger in the first place. Stay true to yourself. Sounds super trite, but I notice a lot of fakeness around this ‘bloggers world’. The whole blogging thing is quite about being friends with other bloggers, spamming their blogpost and stuff.
If I am going to make one dish/smoothie from your blog, which one should it be? Can you share the recipe with our Spotted Style models?

Yes. This fruity green smoothie with pomegranate seeds!

Ingredients for 1 green smoothie:
2 spotty/ripe bananas (if possible1 frozen)
150 grams of spinach
1 stem of celery
seeds of half a pomegranate
1 cup (coconut) water
optional: 1 tbsp linseed

The best thing is to drink this in the morning! For example as a breakfast smoothie.  

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