Backstage report of Romana Meijer at iNDiViDUALS



Romana from Elite Amsterdam walked the great Individuals show! And the editors of Spotted Style had the great honor to see Romana and many more familiar faces walk. Curious of what day was like? Read her backstage report here :)


At 10.00 am I arrived at the location where the show would be, that night. The people who received me were very nice and showed me around to the place where I could eat, drink and relax. Of course I always bring my own food and I also always bring something to do. In my case that is my phone! So that was easy :). Some people bring homework, to study for a test.


My make up is ready

I don’t really prepare for a show. But I always make sure that I’m rested. I have a good night sleep the night before. I also eat well. At the Individuals show where a lot of girls from Elite Amsterdam that I already knew. There were also models from other agencies. Some I knew from assignments I have done before. So that was very nice, I had a lot of nice people to talk to! But if you don’t know anyone, you make friends very easily. I love to see and meet new people! I like to talk with the other girls about the clothes we have to wear, and what shoots and shows they have done.

PHOTO © 2015 TEAM PETER STIGTER  FILENAME IS DESIGNER NAME  FALL/WINTER 2015I started early with hair and make-up. And during the day I had a fitting of the clothes that I had to wear. Later we had to learn the choreography (how you have to walk on the catwalk). This we practiced a couple of times. The day rushed by and before I knew it was time! I’m not really nervous, until we stand in the line-up. The actual time on the catwalk goes by really quick, so you have to enjoy it!


With beauty Floortje (Elite Amsterdam)

Looking forward to walk my next show at Fashion Week on Friday!beauty

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