A lucky number – By Cynthia

Hello again! My first full week in Cape Town has been really busy! Monday started with three castings. I’ll be talking a lot about castings in my blog, so let me explain what happens during these castings.
It depends for what it is, last week I had a lot of commercial castings. When you arrive at the casting you need to sign in with your name and then you get a number… And wait in line.
When your number is up, you go inside and you have to introduce yourself to the camera. You have to say your name, age and agency. Then the casting director will tell you what to do. Normally during a commercial casting you have to act. For example, last week I had a casting for KitKat (chocolate) and had to pretend I was on a rooftop with friends, having drinks and eating KitKat. I actually enjoy these castings, I like acting as well!photo
I had a few request castings this week. This means they make a selection of people who they like to come. This is a good thing. You have a bigger change to get the job and there are less people. I also had a Go See with Glamour and Elle magazine. Go Sees are really fast, I just went to the office to meet the client and then showed them my book and gave them my setcard. On my setcard there are a few of my pictures and my measurements. Sounds pretty easy right? Well.. It’s not always that easy. You have just a short time to make a good impression and you won’t get a second chance. The castings are completely full with a lot of models and sometimes you wait for hours!beautyStaying positive is really important and not take it personal. Sometimes it’s difficult because it can make you feel like you’re just a number, but who knows if it is a lucky number… Besides the castings, there was also time to enjoy the lovely weather! Sorry I’m not trying to make you jealous… (or maybe I do:D) I went to the beach by walk, it takes 45/50 minutes but the beautiful view was worth it and you don’t realize you walk that far.
SEAOur apartment is full right now. The last girl arrived last week and we are 13 girls. Saturday we went out for dinner with some of the girls. It was a nice way to get to know each other. We are all from different agencies and everybody has a different schedule, but in the evening we have the time to catch up. Most of the girls like to cook, but everybody eats at a different time. It’s funny to see how different all the nationalities are.I was actually really active this week. I even signed in at the gym, so I also took time to work out! Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend. One of my roommates is having her birthday this weekend so we are organizing a pool party and bbq! What a hard life in Cape Town… ☀️Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for next Friday!!

-xx- Cynthia


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