Spotted in London! Sam Donders, the Raving Reporter!


Staying true to our mission and sticking to the rule to spot fashion dictators of good taste, met us with the right one and she is called Sam Donders! After we spotted her a long ago, we kept on following her blog for our daily outfit inspiration. A few days ago we had the chance to interview her and there she goes! Miss Blogger for Spotted Style! Sam answered our questions and told us more about her life and how she runs the blog www.ravingreporter.comBefore you check her webpage, make sure you are aware of the possible consequences that may happen after visiting the blog! They are:

finding your new fashion inspiration source
getting strong and uncontrollable desire to shop until you drop
discovering your new favorite blog to follow
And the last one – getting an instant smile on your face, because Sam’s one is kind of contagious!

So, think twice and if you can deal with the side effects of jumping into the world of the Raving Reporter Sam, go ahead and join the club of fashion addicts! Sam Donders on the spotlight coming soon! Stay tuned and rave on!

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