iNDiViDUALS at AMFI in the spotlight!


They are with 24 creatives. They are young, motivated and passionate for what they are doing! Who are they? They are iNDiViDUALS at AMFI! Each of them is unique and each of them is giving their best for the future of fashion. Spotted Style had the chance to meet Faya Maris, Lisa Galenkamp and Claire Wouters, who are part of the amazing team of the Dutch fashion brand. The talented students opened their doors at AMFI, and let us go behind the scene to show us what it takes to run a fashion brand! The students from Design, Management & Branding departments are positive, energetic, intellectual and hardworking. They told us more about their responsibilities, the new A/W 15-16 collection and the fashion show which is today on the 21st of January! You can watch it live and take a front row seat by clicking the link

 The show will be at INIT in Amsterdam and we are more than happy to be there. We promise to keep you updated! Until then read more about the journey called iNDiViDUALS that turned the fashion students of AMFI into young professionals! They already started writing their success story and we will be there to spot them!

INDiViDUALS at AMFI in the spotlight!


As students at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, how would you describe AMFI in a few words?

AMFI is a really dynamic school. Actually it is not just a school, it is a lifestyle. AMFI is also the balance between creativity and business and how to combine these two worlds successfully. The study is very demanding and you have to be hard working in order to keep track.

Did studying at AMFI change your life? If yes, in what way?

At AMFI you learn a lot about yourself, especially in the first year. It’s really challenging to manage everything, but during the process you learn about yourself and what you like most in the fashion business.

As a Fashion School AMFI gives many opportunities to its students. One of them is being part of iNDiViDUALS. Can you tell us more about the initiative?

INDiViDUALS is the brand of the school. You can be part of iNDiViDUALS if you take it as a mainor. We are 24 students working for the brand troughout the semester. Every season and semester there is a new generation running the brand and we are generation 18.


Describe iNDiViDUALS with a few words:

Diverse,  because every day is different. It is not boring because we work in such a short time on a collection and all the facts around it make it very diverse. We work 5days a week from our ‘’office’’ at school, which enables us to work all together as a team. This is crucial, as communication is key when running a brand with 24people. We are all very dedicated and take our responsibility seriously.

What are your responsibilities as part of the Management team of iNDiViDUALS?

Every department has different schedule and responsibilities. The most important is to be passionate about what you are doing, because if you like it, it doesn’t feel like work. Furthermore, you need to be a team worker and be open for input from others, because we are a team.At the beginning of the process, the entire team went to Paris in order to source fabrics and contact the suppliers. The Management department is responsible for ordering seasonal fabrics, organizing the production and we have a financial manager who is taking care of the budget. While important decisions are made together, every manager has a different responsibility. The Design department is very lucky to focus on one collection at a time. We develop a sales collection that will be produced in exclusive quantities. Next to that we develop a set of unique pieces to complement the sales collection and elevate the concept. Branding is responsible for the entire communication, internally as well as externally. We develop a seasonal concept next to taking care of the corporate identity of the brand. This means that we not only develop our seasonal collection, but we are also promoting the collections which are available in-store now, such as the A-W 14-15 ’Wednesday’ as well as S/S15 collection. Branding products include photo shootings, maintaining social media and formulating press releases.

Can you tell us more about the A/W 15-16 collection and its concept? How did you come up with the idea of the carefree ‘Sunday Morning’? What was the inspiration?

The collection is inspired by the ’Carefree like a Sunday morning’ sentiment. For developing the concept we were inspired by macro trends, as well as our trip to Paris, where we visited many inspiring concept stores.The collection is a collective translation of the zeitgeist in combination with the student personality. We are always focused on being modern and thinking forward.


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