Hello Cape Town! – By Cynthia

After traveling for almost 24 hours I safely arrived in Cape Town! My flight was delayed so when I arrived in Istanbul I had to run to catch the next plane, and of course I was wearing heels because they didn’t fit in my suitcase…

Luckily I made it and Tuesday I landed in Cape Town. It feels so good to be back!

There was a driver waiting for me at the airport and he brought me to my apartment. The apartment looks really nice but it’s all the way up on the hill so it’s takes 20 minute to walk to the main road… So I definitely get my daily exercise! I’m sharing the apartment with other 12girls,so it is pretty full! They are all from different nationalities and seem really nice!

View from my room (YES we have a swimming pool!!)
View from my room (YES we have a swimming pool!!)


Wednesday was my first day in Cape Town. I woke up early and went to meet my agency. I brought them some typical Dutch cookies called “stroopwafels”. That was not really the time to catch up and I immediately had to go to a commercial casting! Afterwards I went to my favourite breakfast/lunch place, called Skinny Legs & All. This cute little place serves all kinds of fresh and home made goodies.

Later that day I went for a drink with two girls who were my roommates in London, so nice to see them again! We walked through the shopping mall and guess what I bought… SHOES! And this was just my first day

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