Spotted Style meets Dennis van Ooyen from De Boekers!


De Boekers – where the hot boys are! After a few days full of publications about the girls, it was about time to open our Spotted Style dossier and add one more gentleman to the list of the spotted models! We already knew where to find him, so it didn’t take long! Looking for the star of our spotlight lead us to Dennis van Ooyen! Mission accomplished and there we go! Luckily, we had the chance to interview him yesterday! Let us introduce to you Dennis van Ooyen! Why Dennis? The list is long, but we will try to sum up the things that impressed us most and leave the other part for you! We took a look at Dennis’ portfolio and power, strength and charm come out of his photos, which made us curious what is he like! Take a look at some of his photos, because they are the only proof you need!

Dennis is 23 years old and currently living in Amsterdam. Actually, he moved here a few weeks ago and enjoys the city. Same as him, we are always in for a party and we would describe him as open minded, friendly, fun and always ready to help! And Spotted Style had kind of funny and extreme situation last weekend and Dennis was one of the first people ready to help us, so if you need a Superman, you just found him! Dennis is modelling for De Boekers, Base models Cape Town and Major Models Milan! He is on the male modelling scene from three years and is doing more than great! By being a model he got the chance to travel a lot and work with many people from different countries and explore new cultures. From our own experience, life is meant for a good adventure and adventure awaits to get lost in the right direction! As we already mentioned, if we start with our list called ‘’why Dennis’’, it will probably take longer than a post, so we will continue with his interview! Enjoy reading and getting into his zone and keep on following Dennis on Spotted Style, because there is more to come!


Introduce yourself with a few words? Who are you?

My name is Dennis van Ooyen, I’am Dutch, 23 years old and born in Dieren, a village close to Arnhem. Now I am living in Amsterdam, for about 2 weeks.

What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
Friends and family. I Love doing sportive activities like soccer and fitness, but travel is my biggest passion. Always in for a party, and spent a lot of time with my girlfriend.

When and how you started your modelling career? Were you scouted by somebody?
Nearly three years ago I was running at the station in Arnhem to catch my train. When a man stopped me and asked if I was interested in modelling. Then a few months later I did a test shoot with a photographer he knew, and then it all went very quickly. De Boekers became my mother agency. I had missed the train, but it changed my life.
Did modelling influence or change your life? If yes, how?
Yes definitely. The fact to travel a lot by myself and work with people of different nationalities has changed me a lot.


What is fashion for you? How would you describe your personal style? Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I get inspired during my work and I like to dress myself well. I don’t have a specific style. I get it from everything and everywhere.

Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what’s your favourite city that you have visited? Do you have a dream destination?
Travel has always been my passion and I am happy that I can combine it with work now. During my study I had to go abroad and I was told on the island of Tenerife that I could work as a model in Milan. Then, I have lived in Milan for three months and have seen a lot of Europe. My favourite city where I have been so far is Cape Town, South Africa. I am going back soon for a period of 3-4 months. My dream destination is definitely New York City. Working in the USA.
Give us 5 facts about you people may not know.
Haha! That is a good question.
1. It is hard to piss me of.
2. I don’t like it to be alone.
3. I am a dreamer.
4. Like to walk in my underwear.
5. I’m terrible in the kitchen.


What are your top priorities? What keeps you going?
Chasing my dreams definitely keeps me going. Search often things to learn from them to achieve my goals.

Define happiness. What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?
Happiness feels naturally. Being together with friends, family and my girlfriend makes me laugh.
One example also is during the Amsterdam Fashion Week I met Max Hitipeuw and different designers. To see how happy they are during a day of hard work and I’m part of it, that all makes me happy.
How do you see Life through your eyes?
A big adventure! Life can be hard. But my opinion is that you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

What is worth fighting for the efforts and the time?
Everything I do, otherwise I will not do it.


3 songs from your playlist?
I Lived van OneRepublic
Coming Home van Diddy Dirty Money
If I lose myself van OneRepublic

If you could give a name of this moment of your life, how would this chapter be called?
Make the best of it every day. How older you are going to be, how seriously it will be.

How do you imagine the future and what does it hold for you?
I would like to start my own business with the experience and knowledge I learn.
Work with different people and travel around the world. Also I would like to have a big family.
If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Travel the world because that makes you richer.

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