If you like it, wear it! Editor’s Picks!


Taking in mind that Lagerfeld is one of my favorite designers and ‘’Think pink, but don’t wear it.’’ Is said by him, yesterday I didn’t stick to his fashion advises. It all started a few days ago when I was partying and at the end of the night, when I came home I realized I lost my VOGUE hat… And if you know me, you also know that I am always wearing this hat when I am going out, so I felt heartbroken haha…It was 5o’clock in the morning but I called the club to ask if somebody found my hat. As you may guess, there was no clue of my favorite accessory. So, today I went out on a mission to find the same hat or at least similar to my favorite one. And after a few hours browsing around the shopping streets in Amsterdam, I didn’t find anything even close to it so I ended up at Forever 21 to kill some time with my roommate before the next meeting. And guess what, I found the same black hat but with a pink Barbie embroidery! So, I put the hat on and with my happy face on I asked my roommate if he likes the hat, because I simply loved it! As you may guess, pink was not the preferred color but he gave me green light, so the decision was made and I headed to pay my hat. I like it, because it reminds me of the Moschino Barbie collection and I love the Barbie collection! 


Moschino Sweater

Working for a fashion brand has its risks, because since I started working as a stylist, I got so much into fashion and I started following all the designers and new collections which can lead to serious consequences…. So after 7 months working in the fashion industry, I turned into fashion addict! Some other consequences you may notices as a symptoms of this kind of addiction is that you may start wanting the pieces from these collections. Somehow, Moschino turned into one of my favorite brands and now I have something to match my black Moschino Barbie sweater…. A black Barbie hat!

So, think pink and dare to wear it! 

Lots of love,


Mirror, make up bag and hat from Forever 21

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