Spotted Patty Luijt from De Boekers!


One of the agencies on our spotlight is definitely De Boekers with its great models! A while ago we spotted one more face with a rare beauty but we decided to keep it a secret a bit longer for a special moment! And the moment came! The new year is here and we want to start it by share postitive vibes with you and today they are all coming from Patty Luijt! This amazing girl is modelling for De Boekers, she was born in Vegheld and currently living in Weesp. Her mother agency is De Boekers and she is also modelling for Fashion (Milan), M+P (London), Stars (Düsseldorf), Uniko (Barcelona). It was impossible to take our Spotted Style eyes of Patty’s photoshoots and we love her effortless beauty and charm coming from the pictures! We talked a lot to Patty and she shared that she met her best friends because of modelling! And now Patty is turning into one of our new Spotted Style friends! Reading her interview will give you an idea of the great and sweet person that she is! Read more about Patty’s life, friends, dog, dreams and modelling career and better stay tuned, because Patty will continue impressing us and we will continue spotting her!



Describe yourself with a few words:
I’m a loving, caring, muscular foodie

What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
I really love to cook and bake, it makes me happy and it makes my stress level going down. (I stress a lot hihi) And since a few months my boyfriend and me got a dog, her name is Sundy and she is an Siberian Husky. I love to walk with her and it keeps me in shape at the same time!

When and how you started your modeling career? Were you scouted by somebody?
When I was younger, I wanted to do a photoshoot to have some nice pictures of myself. I didn’t think I could be a model, but the photographer who I was working with told me to send my pictures to some agencies and I got signed immediately. Later some agencies scouted me and now I’m with De Boekers.


Did modeling influence or change your life? If yes, how?
I think modeling will be an influence for every model. It makes me more conscious about my body and people that I met by modeling gave me the strength to be more confident. My boyfriend is always on my side and I think that this made us stronger.
Are you doing catwalks?
I did some shows but not really big ones. I’m too short for the catwalk (1.75cm) In October I was in Barcelona and I did a show for Desigual. It was on the rooftop of the headquarters with an amazing view!

Have you dreamed to be a model?
Not really. I didn’t think I could be a model.

One thing that you love most about modeling?
I love to see the results of the shoots I did and I’m really thankful that I got the chance to travel the world and that I met my best friends through modeling. I know I will keep them for life even when modeling is over.
What is fashion for you? How would you describe your own style?
I don’t really have a style. Sometimes I wear cute girly stuff and sometimes I wear boyfriend jeans. Usually you see me with my all-stars, skinny jeans and a nice sweater.


What is your must have for the season?
In November I did the campaign shoot for TIMI (This Is My Independence) shawls, I really like this new brand and I think this should be a must have! It’s made by women from the Himalaya, Nepal and with the sales you support a Women Empowerment project where the Nepalese women get a chance for an independent future. Curious? Have a look at

Fashion/ beauty icon that you admire?
I’m in love with Sasha Luss’s face, she is amazing!

A fact about you that we don’t know?
I’m afraid in the dark and when I’m home alone I keep the television on!

What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?
When I’m with my friends I always make stupid jokes and nobody laughs, I’m always the one to laugh the hardest about my own jokes haha. My dog Sundy makes me laugh every day, she can be so silly!! The ones that make me happy are my boyfriend Elias, our dog Sundy the Husky, my friends and my family.


Where do you get your inspiration from?
My mom, she is such a strong woman and I have a lot of respect for her that she did everything in our lives the way she did.

How do you see Life through your eyes?
Enjoy your life, live it before it’s too late and take every chance you get to travel the world and love the people you meet. When you give love you will get it back.

The things that are worth fighting for are?
Love and freedom.

How do you imagine the future, what does it hold for you?

Next year I will start studying again, I want to be an nutritionist and help other people change their bad eating habits. I would really like to help young girls with a eating disorder or maybe help other models with a healthy lifestyle so they can stay in shape in a healthy way.

If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Don’t forget to be thankful for every day and for everything that you have. When you feel down, don’t give up. It gets better believe me.


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