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Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going. When it comes to having the perfect body and being a model, it means taking care of your health, body and look. This requires good discipline, healthy eating and many hours of hard work! Many of the models we meet workout, do group sports or go to the gym, but some of them have the luck to meet the amazing Marjolein Vreeke from Models in Shape! The lady who transforms girls into perfect shaped models and educates them what kind of food is best for your body. Many of our Spotted Style girls train with Marjolein and the result is more than great! Sterre Claus from Elite Amsterdam and Patty Luijt from De Boekers are some of them! She has the right approach to motivate you and keeps on doing it! Read more about this inspiring lady and what she can do for you!

Marjolein Vreeke has been working for many years in the sports industry as a fitness instructor. Recently she started coaching and training models. One of her daughters is a model herself (at IMG Worldwide). Through her work, she got in contact t 3.5 years ago with the modeling world. Marjolein noticed very quickly that many models are trained in a wrong way and don’t have knowledge about which food is best for their bodies. That gave her the idea to create ModelsInShape and start workouts for models! If you just started your modeling career and want to achieve the dream body and most of all, you are ready to work hard, Marjolein is the person that you need! She will help you make it happen! ModelsInShape offers the workouts to be fit and look healthy. Marjolein’s workouts are focused on hip, waist and stomach and make you lose inches in other parts of your body. Models in shape offers the great and unique opportunity to train in-house atmosphere, inside or out, and create and develop a healthy lifestyle to turn into the model you have always wished!

Are you up to the challenge? Spotted Style is and we can’t wait to tell you more ModelsInShape! Sign up now at and learn how to train and eat as a model to stay in your best shape! Spotted Style body is under construction and our mind is on a mission! Once we see the results, it becomes an addiction and it is called: ModelsInShape!


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