Spotted! Coco Tijsma from Omg Model Managemenet!

modellingShe is 16 years old, born and living in the Netherlands and modelling for Omg Model Management! Coco grabbed our attention with something really special and different that she has in her! What it is? We will let you figure it out by yourself! She started her modelling career at The Model Convention where she went with her boyfriend and she got 10 call-backs! Omg Model Management was the ones that she liked the most and two weeks later, she signed a contract with them. Coco went to Budapest for a test shoot visited Japan in June and if you read the following lines you will find out more and how it all continued! Stay tuned! More coming soon!


Spotted Cynthia Baremans! A life of a model

Today we are going to surprise you once again in a nice way by showing you one more beautiful Dutch model on our spotlight! Her name is Cynthia, she is born and living in the Netherlands and is represented by Euromodels.
At the age of 17 Cynthia was scouted by our own Model Scout Laura Bausch who gave start to many young beautiful faces and helped them to take the road to their modelling journey. Cynthia is one of them and since then our charming Dutchie has done many photo shoots and we are going to show you a few more photos of her. We know they won’t be enough but you can stay tuned and follow her career on Spotted Style and we promise to show you more!  Lately we have seen her for Zeeman, Hunkemoller and Quoins. She also works for Models At Work, which is a fun combination in shoots and working as a model hostess.


Editor’s pick of the day!

photoHappy Saturday, Spotted Style followers! What does your weekend looks like? Our editor Nadina started the day with cup of coffee, reviewing the December issue of the fashion bible VOGUE and this month it comes with a warm black winter hat! Love it! After we made sure we are updated with the last fashion trends, we are heading to the city, full of excitement to meet our new models on the spotlight! Who are they? Stay tuned and you will find out! Have a happy weekend!


Spotted Style

Change your life by being spotted at The Model Convention!

TMCYou have always dreamed to be a model? Lets think big! What about top model? Starting a modeling career can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a good agency and you haven’t met the right people. Spotted Style wants to give you a sign that will lead you to the right way and it starts from the catwalk path of The Model Convention, organized by the catwalk Queen Mariana Verkerk and Mauritz Briėt!


Instead of wasting your priceless time, wondering how to make it in the modeling world and which agency you should send your pictures to, go to the event that gives you the chance to be spotted by the best world modeling agencies! The Model Convention is there for you to turn your biggest dream into reality! Visit the event and get a step closer to your dreams! The Model Convention will help you to turn into the model you have always wanted to be. The Model Convention changes lives! Are you ready for the big change in yours?  Go and meet the best world model scouts!


Some of the Spotted Style girls that started at The Model Convention are : Melody  Vroom (Touche Model Management), Joyce  Bakker (Micha Models) and Sterre Claus (Fresh Model Management). Are you the next one?


Spotted! Odesma from Max Models!


Photo by Suzanne Rensink

Odesma is 17 years old, born and living in Rotterdam and modeling for Max Models.

In her we spotted provocative beauty, charm, class and something that we really liked- AMBITION! Looks like we have something else in common: passion for tennis! You want to know more about her? Read how she answered our questions and what she shared with us. She was very nice and friendly to us and we are happy that we had the chance to interview her. We are curious to see her next achievements in her modeling career and we will share all of them with you! Follow Odesma’s modeling updates on Spotted Style! (more…)

Spotted Joyce Bakker from Micha Models!


Her name is Joyce, she is 18years old and is modelling for one of the best agencies in The Netherlands- Micha Models!

This article was supposed to start with a sentence that would describe her, but this time is different. Joyce is not that easy to be defined or summed up in a few words, because we saw so many beautiful things inside her and her mind. We started our talk with her without knowing her age. We felt like we are talking with somebody wise because she speaks and acts like she is very mature. Full of magic, this beautiful lady reminded us one of the most important things in life to be happy and to do everything with love. So we already have a new rule with her and it is very simple: ‘’To do things that only make us happy.’’ Join us in the making!

After our first talk, the interview went into totally different direction and now we have a new friend and new inspiration. She is an amazing, beautiful and goodhearted person and falling for her wasn’t difficult. Her name is Joyce but we also call her Magic! Read more about her and her modelling life! (more…)

Spotted! Camille Poppe from Fresh Model Management!


Lynn Romijn photography

Camille is 17 years old, born in Clearwater Beach Florida USA, lived in Hawaii and she is currently living in Huizen, The Netherlands. This angel look-a like beauty is modelling for Fresh Model Management. She just came back from Paris and she gave her first interview for Spotted Style! Again, lucky us! Are you curious to find out more and what hides behind her pretty doll face… We already know, so now it is your turn to meet her! We can promise you one thing, you will love her! Maybe even more than we already do! She has eyes to see inspiration everywhere around her and being the one who inspires the others. Same happened to us! Our Spotted Style model has already done catwalks during Amsterdam Fashion week and in the city of Love, Paris. Are you waiting for her next surprise? It won’t take long because with her charm and beauty she will go far. Where? We will keep you updated for her modelling journey!  Read the full interview with the closer look of Camille’s life on Spotted Style! (more…)

Spotted Style meets the stylist Denise Ruigrok van der Werven!


She is 25years old, born in Rotterdam, now living in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. After 8 years of studying, Denise graduated 2 courses: Graphic Design – Fashion & Trends at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Allround Styling at Artemis Styling Academy Amsterdam.

Denise is the classy elegant lady with style wearing a dress, high heels and walking down the street with grace! We met her and spent a few lovely hours with her. The interview continued a bit longer than usual, but there were so many interesting things about Denise and we were curious to hear everything about her Fashion career. After her answer of a question, new ones were following until the end of our meeting. (more…)

Danielle Vroom, Mother on the spotlight!

DanielleToday SPOTTED an example of how to be a great and loving mother! Danielle Vroom, the mother of our Spotted Style girl Melody from Touché Models and two sweet girls Julia and Zonne! The woman who is always there for her kids and is helping them make their dreams come true! No wonder why Melody is one of the spotted girls! With a mother like Danielle by her side, being a lady with class and style is inevitable! We spoke to Melody and she shared with us that Danielle would do everything to make her daughters smile and  when it comes to her model daughter, Mrs Vroom is always preparing delicious model food for Melody and if you follow her on instagram, you will know what we are talking about! Yummmmy!There is nothing stronger than the mother’s love for her child! This great woman was one of the first people who gave us her hand  to help us no matter that we were just strangers, she was ready to support us to make one of our dreams come true  too, like we are one of her kids! Big thank you, Danielle!